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We are having roster characters, along side CG, available for the people who don't like doing CG, want to test the waters with a character designed for the setting, etc. We understand not everyone finds doing CG fun or even desirable to do. So, we want to assure that they have an alternative to getting into the game. That is where roster characters come into play. There is no obligation to take one but the option is there.

Characters have a chance to be put onto the roster, typically it will not be original characters unless the player asks for it to be. Whether a character is placed on the roster will depend on how much them not being available will affect the story, whether or not staff believes they should be turned into an NPC or not. Basically, it is not an automatic being placed on roster but it is possible. Players of their character can also request what happens to their character should they idle out or if they decide to retire the character.

If you want to submit a character for roster just put in a request to staff letting us know who the character is then you can go for doing CG on it.