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A bit of a policy is being made in regards to creating royal family members. We will not be allowing siblings to Kalem, Jaden, Elena, or Missiah, as they are siblings and pivotal people of the game history. To add a sibling to one of them would require quite a chunk of the theme to be re-written. However, you can be their spouse's sibling or the child of them. When deciding an age keep in mind the age of both rulers of a kingdom as the age has to make sense to their ages. If you want to be a child of a Consort or Supporter of Kalem, Jaden, Elena, or Missiah, a request is needed to be put in to discuss with the staff, as they might not have picked one or they could have one that is no longer a Consort or Supporter.

For the royal families we tried to put everyone at ages that would allow for plenty of room to be part of them quite easily. We are willing to talk about someone that has been adopted into the royal families but are not blood related to Kalem, Elena, Missiah, or Jaden. No, it can't be someone that started as a Commoner. They could be a sibling of any of the spouses (it is easier if it is a spouse that does not come from another family currently created).

Keep in mind, that we do have restrictions on how many PCs are in each family in the interest of spreading out players across all families.