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While the Seat of Gods is not considered a Kingdom is a place people can be from and it is a large bit of land. The people of the Seat of the Gods are considered neutral and holy because they /did/ decide to stay in the Seat of Gods. They do not really have a hierarchy like the kingdoms, but they do have 'people in charge', which is typically considered the Clergy and the Head Courtesan. The Clergy, Order of the Holy Knights, and Courtesans are considered to be the most powerful people in the Seat of the Gods. There are no heirs, they do not really export anything, and their 'imports' are what the kingdoms and families bring to gift them for letting them stay in Tranquil City. Their money also comes from donations and such from the kingdoms. If what the people of the Seat of the Gods is not gifted or found in the lands, they purchase it from the Kingdoms.

They do have a military, called Holy Order of Knights, but it is far smaller than those of the Kingdoms and, really, most of the time they are just tending to the needs of Tranquil City and the land of the seat of the Gods. They can not win a battle, but they can hold their own until reinforcements arrive, namely the Kingdoms. It is unlikely that the Kingdoms will attack the holy land but there are outside threats. Each kingdom also believes it is in their own benefit that the Seat of the Gods stay well protected, even from each other if necessary. Of all the places to be the Seat of the Gods is probably the safest in all of Atharia.

While they have the Clergy a Conclave has been established to select a 'leader' for the Clergy. This is called the Conclave of Divine Guidance. The deal with religious matters for the Seat of the Gods and the Kingdoms. If there is a religious crisis for the people, this Conclave, supported by all the Rulers of the Kingdoms, are who the people turn to for advice and help. The 'leader' of the Conclave is the Divine Ambassador.

It is said a great deal of artifacts, places of interest, and mythical creatures can be found in the Seat of the Gods, whether that is true or not is unclear so far. The land is not really claimed by anyone, not even the residents of Tranquil City, nor has it really been closely explored. It is considered holy land so people delve into the lands with more caution than they would the lands claimed by the kingdoms. The only town/city/village/etc. that has been fully developed, so far, in the Seat of the Gods is Tranquil City. The rests are mostly little houses or communities with some sort of vague leadership.

The nobility of Seats God consists mostly of people from the Kingdoms. What could be called ‘nobility’ for the Seat of Gods would be the Head Courtesan of the Courtesans, the Archbishops of the Clergies, the Grand Master and Four Masters of the Holy Knights, and people who hold positions of power such as ‘Mayor of X place’ or other similar titles. They have authority within the Seat of Gods but do not have the same rights and privileges that the people considered nobility have.

The Seat of Gods, now that the Order of Holy Knights and the Conclave of Divine, have a 'ruler', well more accurately 3 rulers. The Divine Ambassador of the Conclave, the Grand Master of the Holy Knights, and the Head Courtesan. Together they handle how the Seat of Gods will be protected and taken care of. As expected each leader is typically in charge of what they 'specialize in.' So when it involves anything combat related the Grand Master handles it, the Head Courtesan handles social matters and the Divine Ambassador handles religious matters. They all keep each other appraised of what is going on within their fields and do not ignore each others counsel. Any crisis the Seat of Gods face these three meet to discuss it and decide who will be in charge.

People of the Seat of the Gods