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Players can request tweaks/changes to their sheet at any time. We're not going to restrict when you can but if you want stats changed we need a bit of an explanation to why. It doesn't have to be super detailed because it can be 'I took this thing but, really, it does not fit well after all to what I'm playing.' We are not going to accept a full sheet change unless you want to be thrown back into CG unapproved and what not. This even means asking to do a complete rewrite of the personality, background, etc. If you have been super active with playing them we will probably side-eye the desire to complete re-write everything to something 'new'. If you want to redo what is from the CG generators (we do have them), or a roster to be a bit more in written in your style to feel more comfortable, you can. Changes to reflect growth and stuff are also welcome. Basically, we're not going to be 'No. You can't change that.' if you ask with more than 'I want to change everything!'.