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God Form: Soleil is a beautiful figure with auburn hair, fair and freckled skin, and flaming eyes. They do not have a figure that distinguishes them as male or female. However, they clearly have plenty of muscle that stands out on their slender frame. They wear a gown of emerald green. Their back is a pair of flaming feather-like wings.

God Glow: They have a yellow god glow.

Mortal Form: Soleil typically takes the appearance of a fair skinned red-headed person with freckles and blue eyes. Their gender is rarely discernable, as they are very androgynous in their appearance. They usually wear an outfit suited to the occasion they are appearing for.

Personality: Soleil has a fiery temper that is set off very easily, reflecting well the heat of the sun. They are fiercely loyal, and very talkative, though,t hey prefer to spend their time with their twin Hilal when they can. Soleil doesn’t hesitate to punish those they deem to have done wrong but forgives just as easily. They might be temperamental and lesser seen God but over all they are a warm and kind person, especially to their loved ones. They do meddle in the lives of mortals like the other Gods.


Worship Expectations: Soleil has few expectations of their followers, beyond worshiping them properly. As long as they are not causing offense to any of the Gods, Hilal doesn’t really care how they show their love for the Sun God. As long as it only involves themselves or their personal property, they can do as they will.

Clergy Expectations: Like with their followers, Soleil holds the clergy to few expectations. Again, the only expectation is to honor them and the Gods. The one extra thing is they are often expected to burn something, personal value is preferred but not necessary, at dawn in offering to Soleil. The clergy of Soleil typically wear gold hued robes over their every day outfits.


Ceremony Name Ceremony Details
Ceremony of Dawn This ceremony is held when someone has lost something they hold dear and are lost in the dark. It is, as expected, held at dawn so that the first rays of the sun warm them and remind them where the light of the sun is. This ceremony is often held in tangent with, or just before, Attia’s Ceremony of Compassion
Ceremony of Flames This ceremony is one that is held and officiated by clergy when someone has forgotten the meaning of having the sun and the light it provides. A bed of coals and flames are set up and the person is intended to walk through the hottest part of the coals and flames. The pain of the fire and coals is supposed to remind them that things could be much worse if there was no sun to light their way.

OOC: Players are welcome to submit ceremony suggestions. We expect the name of the ceremony and details about it. Similar to how the already established ceremonies are done.

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