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To be chosen to be the Supporter of a titled noble is considered an honor, if a bit of a niche position. They are to be the people that give a titled noble a heir should their spouse, Consort, or family be unable too. A Supporter can be noble or common, more often than not it is a lord or lady of a vassal house. The noble Supporter can not be titled or a heir. A commoner Supporter is considered to be on par with a Baronet, Courtesan, Matchmaker, Knight, Sage, or Consort. The respect they are given is on the same level as they are. A noble Supporter is still treated as a noble. Supporters are highly regarded by people. Anyone who dares to mock a Supporter for their 'lot in life' is met with scorn and face possible retaliation from the noble that has taken on the Supporter.

Supporters have to meet certain conditions to become one. The main one being they need to be able to bare a child. This is, obviously, an important one as that is why they are taken on as a Supporter. Due to being the one who will bear the child of a titled noble they are expected to be with only the noble and no other. A supporter must also be able to accept the fact that the titled noble will unlikely to ever truly love them. Sure, they will care, probably even deeply, but both parties are very much aware that they are together because heirs can not be made by the spouse or consort or there is no candidate among the family.

A Supporter who has sexual relationships with anyone but the titled noble they are a Supporter will result in the end of the relationship and banishment from the noble's lands. The children of the Supporter are also disowned. Their Form of Address is 'Devoted' for a reason. Not all Supporters stop being one by disgrace, some request to be released or they become to old to have a child. Whether requested or aged out the former Supporter is treated with high regards still. They, after all, held the position of being a Supporter and that is not forgotten because they aged or requested release.

There are some conniving people that seek to become a Supporter to have their child become the heir of the titled noble. While the noble might not like it, it is not a deal breaker for some nobles. There are also people who truly want to support the title noble. This is generally preferred by the noble.

A titled noble can not have more than one Supporter. It is them showing respect to the Supporter that agreed to take up the position. The noble also gives the Supporter a living allowance. It is increased a little with each child the Supporter bears. The titled noble assures their Supporter is never in want of anything. What this means is, the personality of the Supporter can vary.

Like with anything that is of importance a contract is formed between the noble, Supporter, and a priest. The contract outlines what both parties expect from the relationship and the allowance the Supporter is paid, both before they have children and how much per child after. These are very simple contracts, as the purpose of the relationship is neither love nor political but duty based.

OOC: Unless specifically requesting it of staff, all Supporters will be NPC due to the nature and purpose of their position.