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The Children of Gods are very limited and not often known to who they are. For their protection and by decree of the Gods, these Children are kept hidden when their God blood is awakened, though, not many know just how it is they are awakened. These children are, in general, considered to be just a rumor, though some know they are real. The Children of Gods, typically, have 1 mortal parent and 1 Godly parent. Generally when the child is found, due to a gift from Mataya, people know exactly which God is the Godly parent of the Child.

When the Children are hidden after they are awakened, whatever the age, they are put with people or creatures that will not betray the Child of Gods. It is usually their mortal parent and their direct family (the mortal parent's spouse, a sibling). or some very trusted servants. If the Child has no people trusted it is typically one of Arion's mythical creatures that protect them. Children of Gods, after being hidden, are moved away from being around a lot of people, limiting the knowledge of who they are as quickly as possible (usually within the hour of being awaken). The awakened Children that were hidden would never have been into situations where they can go missing or harmed. To the people of Atharia the Children of Gods are valuable and to be cared for. Basically, they are priority to keep safe and cared for, sometimes even more than other family members. Children of Gods are rare, after all, and most assuredly a blessing from the Gods. Not everyone gets to have Child of the Gods.

Recently the Kings and Queens had spread word they were asked by the Gods to find and protect the Children of Gods. Mataya has even gone so far ask to task people with finding them. The Gods, not even Mataya or Attia, are not forthcoming with details of where and who they are they will typically act as guides (in a hidden form) or assign one of the people/creatures that are in the know to be the Guide to finding the Children of Gods. Sometimes the God allows more information to be given about the Child, when people are tasked with finding them, but over all the mortals are expected to do the majority of the work.

Once a Child is found they do have the option of working towards ascending to Godhood by doing grand tasks that can be world changing or not ascending. There are rare cases where other options are available. These tasks are typically assigned by the Gods, at least 2 tasks per God, with the expectation to complete. There is no clear idea to what the tasks are. They could be as simple as 'hold the most grand soiree in the world' to 'defeat 1000 Y thing by X day'. Each task is purely based on the God who assigns it. Mataya and Attia likely will have the easiest tasks to do while Arion and Larthin will likely have the hardest. Though how hard or difficult a task is can change based on the mood of the Gods.

There is suspicion that the Children of Gods are one of the keys to breaking the Curse put upon the mortals.

Known Children:

IMPORTANT: The number of Children of Gods listed is the amount known to exist of the Children of Gods. Currently there are 16. There are 8 of Larthin's, 3 of Attia's, 1 of Soleil, 1 of Hilal, 1 of Mataya's, 1 of Arion and Mataya, and 1 of the Missing God.

  1. Princess Kamala Divinus (NPC): Larthin's child. When she was found, she was about 8 and weeping over the dead body of her mortal parents. (Log: Children of Gods - The First Child is Found)
  2. Prince Liam Santua (NPC) - Larthin's child. When he was found he was 18 years old and isolated alone, save for his servant Essa Snow. She also came to Tranquil City. (Log: Children of Gods - The Second Child's Arrival)
  3. Princess Valeria Santua - Attia's child. When she was seeking a supposed item related to the Children of Gods her and Ozymandias almost fell to their deaths. Attia awoke Valeria to save her. (Log: Children of Gods - The Third Child Falls in)
  4. Archbishop Ozymandias Luminat - Arion and Mataya's child. He was summoned by Arion to a clearing in the forest where he was awoken by Arion (Log: Children of Gods - The Fourth Child takes a Swim)
  5. Paramour Amahle Sunflower - Attia's child. She accompanied Valeria to seek out her father, the temporarily missing king. She was awoken after she protected the king with vines. (Log: Children of Gods - The Vines of the Fifth Child)
  6. Princess Taya Divinus - Larthin's Child. She accompanied Kamala on a task to find a tome but instead she was awoken and found her sacred item (Log: Children of Gods - The Maps of the Sixth Child)
  7. Mistress Lilah Willowbrooke - A Lost God's Child. All the Children of Gods got woken to find the two Lost God's two Children on the outskirts of Luminat. Lilah and Tai were both also summoned. (Log: Children of Gods - The Seventh and Eighth Children are Found)
  8. Lord Tai Farreach - A Lost God's Child. All the Children of Gods got woken to find the two Lost God's two Children on the outskirts of Luminat. Lilah and Tai were both also summoned. (Log: Children of Gods - The Seventh and Eighth Children are Found)
  9. Lord Ren Whitewater - Larthin's Child. A group was sent by Larthin to find his CHild and Ren was found sailing on the ocean. (Log: Children of Gods - The Ninth Child Sails In)
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OOC: PCs can absolutely put in a request to be a Child of Gods. Keep in mind that becoming a Child of Gods and you decide to ascend means your character will become an NPC. The request must list who they want the God-parent to be be, or that they have no preference. A nice bonus would be including what kind of things you be fun for you/suits your character that can be done in the potential future scene of your character being awakened/discovered as a Child of Gods. There is no 'waiting' period to being a Child of Gods but if you try being one straight out of CG, it is likely more than 1 staffer will be reviewing the app.