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As with any world there are laws. Some laws are universal, some laws specific to a kingdom. These laws are subject to change at the whim of leaders. Consider all the universal laws to be established as a law by past or present Rulers of the Kingdoms. The specific kingdom laws by the appropriate King or Queen.

Keep in mind that typical crimes that are done in RL are still illegal, however, if you are not caught for a long time, it can often lead to interest of trying to hire the person on for specific tasks. The idea of rather than taking a specific criminal out of commission long term (or permanently depending on the crime) is less appealing than using them for an advantage. This not always the case but if a person is felt their skill is useful the Guards or Rulers might opt to hire the criminal on as an employee over jailing them or whatever fitting punishment.

Universal Laws

  1. Treating Courtesans like sex objects or unimportant is subject to punishment, depending on how offended a Courtesan is. The family of the offending person is to be the ones to pay the compensation.
  2. All contracts are over seen by a member of the clergy, be they marriage, alliance, or anything else.
  3. A Heir to a title can does not inherit until they are at least twenty-five. should the title holder pass on before they come of age a Regent can be appointed for them until they become of age.
  4. Those that commit murder are subject to death should it not be a direct result of actions taken by the victim (AKA If a Knight fails in their duty and is put to death by the noble family they serve).
  5. Treating someone of the opposite gender as a lesser person is against the law. Tradition and preference decide how kingdoms decide their rulers not because one gender is superior to the other. Punishment for such treatment is general a period in jail but it can vary by ruler to ruler.
  6. The Children of Gods are to be protected and defended. Impersonating a Child of Gods has dire consequences.
  7. Commoner Children of Gods are an exception to commoners being unable to become noble. A noble or royal family can adopt a Child of Gods who is a Commoner, and that adopted Child will gain titles accordingly. A noble child can also be adopted into a royal family, outside of via marriage, should it so be desired. They will be treated as any other member of the family the Child is adopted into.

Choisi Kingdom Laws

  1. Law

Divinus Laws

  1. Law

Luminat Laws

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Santua Laws

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