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The militaries of Atharia serve both as the 'police' and what a military is typically for. Outside of people to control the potential crimes (not sanctioned for whatever reason) the military was established as a means to protect themselves against each other should the disagreements on how to appease the Gods get out of hand. They are also quite aware of outside threats, though, they are not certain to what it is. It could be Ossian's animals and creatures or people that they have not discovered yet. Until the kingdoms were formed the people didn't have much risk so they could be behaving in an over cautious manner with military forces but the Kings and Queens of the kingdoms like to be prepared. It is generally broken down into departments so that there is a clear definition to what people do.

The departments are as follows:

  • Army - They protect the kingdoms, and Atharia in general, from outside threats. They are also what is chosen should the kingdoms go to war or someone attacks them. They are the frontline people who fight on land.
    • Their ranks are the following ones: General, Commander, Captain, Sergeant, Private
  • Navy - The Navy is also a frontline force that protects from outside threats. They are also who are called on should the kingdoms go to war against each other or someone attacks them. However, their battlefield is the waters rather than land.
    • Their ranks are the following ones: Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Petty Officer, Sailor
  • Guard - The Guard are the part of the military that handles the inward threats. They are the 'police force'. If someone is causing a ruckus in the streets, they deal with it. If the threat comes from citizens their the ones called on to sort it out. If it is necessary they do join the main Military force and/or the Navy.
    • Their ranks are the following ones: Commander of the Guard, Captain of the Guard, Sergeant of the Guard and Guardsperson