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While it is unlikely that money will be established in a codely fashion, a break down of the money is going to be included here.

Also keep in mind that each person is ICly paid enough to, at the very least, live on (Unless specifically designed to be a poor person). Nobles are all given living expenses plus a hefty sum to spend on whatever whims they have. The amount of money commoners gets varies, though Matchmakers, Courtesans, Baronets, Sages, Knight, and Supporters are given extra on top of their living expenses from the people they work for/are in a relationship with.

Basically what this means is that people are generally paid/getting allowances to live relatively comfortably. There are people who fall through the cracks, though (AKA the players who like to play out being without money or struggling to survive type stuff).

The Currency is like this:

  • Aldrichite Coin
  • Masqueradite Coin: 10 Aldrichite Coins = Masqueradite Coin
  • Hilalite Coin: 50 Masqueradite Coins = 1 Hilalite Coin
  • Soleiladite Coin: 100 Hilalite Coins = 1 Soleiladite Coin
  • Attianite Coin: 500 Soleiladite Coins = 1 Attianite Coin
  • Ossianite Coin: 1,000 Attianite Coins = 1 Ossianite Coin
  • Matayarite Coin: 5,000 Ossianite Coins = 1 Matayarite
  • Larthinamite Coin: 10,000 Matayarite = 1 Larthinamite