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The everyday life of the masses, as in the unnamed NPCs, are filled with work, socializing, attending temple, assisting the more notable people (as in the PCs or named NPCs), and other such things. Sometimes these unnamed PCs could have information or act as a vessel for the Gods. Beyond that, the unnamed masses don’t do many things of note, they just live their lives and have events happen that are big to them alone, when it is not done by the ‘feature characters’ (PCs or named NPCs) it typically keeps to their little circle. They do, of course, judge, doubt, believe in, are amused by, and form opinions that might not always align with the players think is ‘right’ or ‘wrong. They may not always favor the PCs. Staff will make an emit should the opinion of the nameless NPCs need to be seriously considered or if the majority is directly against the actions being taken.

PCs/named NPCs are the ones who do the big notable things like form alliances, find ruins, do tasks for the Gods, etc. No matter how ‘low key’ a PC or named NPC are they are the movers and shakers of Atharia and have some sort of knowledge about them floating about. Whether it is intentional or not the PCs are the cause and effect of big changes that happen on Atharia.

Including mundane actions and such are entirely okay to include in your RP. Having the unnamed NPCs react to your character (it doesn’t always have to be good) to your character or what your character does is entirely acceptable. You can absolutely interact with those unnamed NPCs (staff won’t emit them like we do named NPCs so that is on you). Having a conversation with a bartender and sharing your woes? Go for it. Add as much fluff to your scenes involving the nameless NPCs that you want.