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There is tasks the people of Atharia typically do every day, outside the usual 'eat, bathe, dress' type deal. The people of Atharia do what one would expect to be done by any average person (So including mundane tasks in RP is very much on par). The masses (NPCs) don't really do anything of note, they just live their live as they live. They judge, believe in, are amused by, doubt, and so on the more notable people (PCs), just as any person would do. Their options can be the opposite to what players think or even each other.

The more notable people are likely the ones doing the wooing and alliance forming with other kingdoms. The actions of the movers and shakers (PCs and staff run NPCs) tend to be what causes the most effect on the world, they are the ones that will change the world and/or break the Curse. Even those who are just trying to go through life not being noticed. Sometimes they make a friend or enemy of someone that was not a part of a previous life and as a result something changes. Basically, even the most subtle people (PC people) can affect Atharia, intentional or not.

OOC: While some NPCs are 'feature characters' the rest are basically the nameless masses they wander about doing their thing. You can absolutely have relationships with the unnamed NPCs. The PCs are the 'stars', the somehow known figures of the world. Sure, they may not be the 'top 10 known' but enough NPCs know who they are that the PCs are all 'famous' on some sort of level. PCS are main and supporting caste of a movie while NPCs are the background caste. RPwise, any PC can note some NPCs whispering their name, if they want.