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Through the generations and through each life the story of Larthin and his creation of the people of Atharia have been passed down. The words of how the world came to be is often spoken in hushed whispers for fear of the God Larthin and how vindictive he can be.

All good stories start with once upon a time and this one is no exception.

Once upon a time there was a man, nay a God, who born into the world alone, with no one to keep him company. Not even the God knew how he came to be nor how the world was made. The land was quite barren, not touched with life. It was a lonely world. The man, traversed the world, seeking something to change what he was seeing.

In his travelling of the barren lands he started to realize that the land changed where he stepped. Sometimes pools of water formed, sometimes plant life. If he stumbled, mountains formed. Eventually the land was no longer barren. It thrived with life but there were no creatures upon the land.

This caused the man to consider what it would be like to see creatures that moved like him upon the land, though the water. He had the feeling he would be capable of creating these creatures. He, after all, created the life that currently blessed the once barren world.

The man was correct in his thinking for with some effort he was able to create mortals. As the first one was made something unexpected happened, his stomach split and from it fell a woman, she was not like the mortal he created. She was like him but different. Like the mortals he was creating she was his child.

He continued to make mortals and for a moment his eyes closed and when they slowly opened a man tumbled from them, as if a tear. he fell to the ground and as he fell the world darkened. As he pushed to is feet the world once again lit up. With this man, eventually to be known as God Arion, day and night became a thing.

When the man, called Larthin now by the mortals and his two godly companions, nay, children, was satisfied with the amount of people he created he decided to step back and watch them grow, to see what these new beings would do and how they would grow.

While Larthin made the mortals Arion made creatures of land, sea, and air. His skill was not as great as Larthin's but the creations of non-human lives was something he could do. All these creatures were active during the day or night, never both. Soon the world was populated with creatures of all types, enhancing the lives of the mortals in various ways.

Mataya, the first woman, saw how these imperfect beings suffered because they could not die. This made her weep sorrowful tears and she decided to allow the pained ones to die by blessing them with release from suffering. As she watched them die she realized that if they kept only dying they would disappear and she did not desire this. She wanted to watch them change and evolve. So, again, she blessed these mortals. This time it was with the ability to create life.

With the ability to live and die now the mortals prospered and evolved, the three Gods watched them do as such, occasionally granting prayers whispered to them.

Larthin, the First God, was no longer alone and no longer lived in a barren world. He often spoke to Mataya, the Second God, and Arion, the Third God, of his thoughts on how the world evolved.

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