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This is a list of theme information that with think will to help you jump into the game quickly and read everything else at your own pace. This list is subject to change on what players express would have been nice to find in 'At a Glance'. This means all players can 100% let staff know what they feel would be 'important' to know when trying to CG/join the game.

  • The world was created and Larthin explored it before he grew bored with a barren land and created mountains and waters. When stopped wandering Mataya then Ossian were created. Larthin created mortals, Mataya created plants and such, Ossian created animals and mythical creatures. Eventually the mortals created an empire and angered Larthin who killed them. Mataya brought them back and during the second time she did Attia was born. Ossian froze the mortals and Larthin cursed them. The mortals split into kingdoms and all looked for their own way to appease the Gods. The mortals discovered that Larthin rewinds the world but not them. They are given magic by the Gods. For the full details: The Story
  • There is a total of 8 Major Gods who all have varying number of Children. They are meddlesome Gods and task the mortals with various things See: Gods, The Children of Gods, and Religion
  • There are 4 known kingdoms, currently, and nobility is part of the world. These will likely be the only kingdoms that have players. There is also various positions available to commoners and nobles alike. The kingdoms are: Choisi Kingdom, Divinus Kingdom, Luminat Kingdom, and Santua Kingdom. You can find the various positions under Social. You don't need to read everything right away just what is important to the character you have planned.
  • Marriage is entirely political that can sometimes have love in it. Where the 'true love' typically comes from is with a Consort. For further information on both check out Consorts and Marriages.
  • Some important social aspects to look into to help you settle into your character: Forms of Address, Equality , Classes, Race, and Common Greetings and Departures. There is plenty of other things to look into but we think these are some of the ones that will help you jump into the game.