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Whitewater Crest.png

NOTE: This family has been turned into an NPC for the foreseeable future. This could potentially change should the game become big and the open families become over abundant in people.

Ruler: Baroness Keeley Whitewater and Baron Gaston Whitewater (Spouse, formerly Choisi)

Heir: Lady Haley Whitewater

Kingdom: Choisi Kingdom

Typical Religion: Polytheism

House Colors: White and Blue

Coat of Arms: Seven dark blue raindrops spread across three rows.

Motto: Everyone needs someone who will do what they will not do. We do what must not be spoken of.

Story: The Whitewater family has always acted as the shadows of the other noble houses of Choisi. When something less savory needs to be done, the Whitewaters are the ones that are called on. Every kingdom needs someone to be the bad guys in their world, right? Whitewater Barons often die under mysterious circumstances. Perhaps it is a right of passage for the next Baron. The Whitewaters are the first Barony of Choisi kingdom. They are ruled by Baroness Keeley, she is the fourth Baroness of the family.

Family Hook: It is no secret that the Whitewaters are the ones who do the dirty deeds for the Choisi family and the Choisi Kingdom nobles. That is common knowledge. Before a Whitewater can do a 'task' for a noble or royal they undergo a bit of training that is for optimizing their darker deed skills. It could be anything from stealing a valuable item from someone to taking a life of someone. Outside the family, no one knows just what the Whitewaters will do for their 'training' but they do know if a person has succeeded since they can take on a 'task' from royalty or a noble.

Whitewater Family Tree

OOC: Names, ages, who has children, siblings, or spouses can be changed within reason. The only exception for names, ages, and spouses (children and siblings are fine) is the rulers and their heirs. Also keep in mind in the ages of the rulers when asking/wanting to be in a certain place or relationship. The traditional way of how a kingdom passes down a title also needs to be kept in mind. Contact staff for any changes you want to make in regards to names or ages. People with no names can basically be adjusted however.

The family tree has been removed since it is not the most important for an NPC house hold. It will be set back should the family be turned into a PC one again.

People of the Family