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At first a God was alone. The God lived in a void with nothing or no one else to keep this God company. At first the God was not bothered by this void of nothingness but as time went on it became lonely and boring. So, the God decided to create a world, one that would supply entertainment to the God. So, the world called Atharia was created by the God. The God was pleased with this.

For a while, the God lived in the barren planet but eventually the God stopped being entertained by the barren planet and wanted more on it. The God started walking around the planet. Where the God stepped rivers formed, where the God fell mountains and bodies of water formed. When the God stopped walking the world the stomach of the God split open, as did the earth. Light, viewed like blood in this case, fell from the stomach of the God and into the split earth. In the split being filled with the light a figure started to form, another God. Once the Second God stepped from the split to stand beside the First God the split of the land and the First God’s stomach closed.

When the First God blinked in surprise at the creation of the Second God another fell from the First God’s eyes. As the Third God fell to the ground the world started to darken, reflecting the closing of the First God’s eyes. When the Third God stood up, at the same time as the First God's eyes opened, the world became brighter once more. This was the creation of night and day.

The First God knew these two new beings were Gods just by the feeling created from them. For some time, these three Gods ventured across the lands and entertained each other with what was built by the First God. Soon they grew bored with the barren but watery lands. So, the Second God created plant life that blossomed and grew across the lands. Trees, clouds, grass, blushes, flowers, all sorts of plant life. The Third God created animals and mythical creatures to populate the world with even more life. The final, and perhaps grandest of changes, was done by the First God. What the first God made was mortals. These mortals were not immortal and all powerful like the Gods.

With the creation of mortals, names for the Gods were created. The First God was known as Larthin, considered a male God by this point. The Second God was known as Mataya and the Third God was known as Arion. Mataya was considered a female God and Arion was considered a male God.

Larthin, Mataya, and Arion decided to watch the mortals for a period as they were entertaining for the Gods.