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Faction : Commoner
Kingdom : Seat of the gods
Birthdate : September 23th, 1202 (Age: 21)
Gender : female
Position : Barmaid
Mother : Unknown
Father : Unknown
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : Gabbie Carter

<public BG>

RP Hooks
  • Barmaid: Came in to town seeming to know what she was doing, works in popular tavern pouring and serving drinks, listening to woes, working on tips, etc.
  • Enigma Past: No one seems to know quite where she came from. She's been in town for over a year and a half now. Though friendly about it she does not share the details of her life before her arrival.



Hilda is very private about what her magic is. She does not openly share what her magic is and if pushed will be particularly vague, coy, and may outright lie about it.

Strings of Fate Everything has a string that takes it from it's previous path it was on to it's current and on into the future. People, places, things as well as past, present and future are all connected by these invisible framework of complex threads. Those that can see them on into the future have the gift of foresight. Hilda does not have Foresight however she can see the threads of present into past. It's easiest to see the threads of people, and she can really only recognize the threads of those that she is familiar with.

She can see how people are connected by these threads by seeing where someone has been and in real time. She can follow someone's path where they have been, those whom's path they have crossed and what items they have interacted with. Tracking down the thread of someone by their thread by foot or even on horseback however will take significant time. Especially since that thread has to be followed from present to past.

Accelerating her view on the thread is something she can do magically tracing it from where she is however there are differing levels of toll. To trace someone a few hours out (2-3) can be done with minimal to no effort and she can see where they have been within the last 2-3 hours. To trace someone a 2-3 days out takes a physical toll and will cause dizzyness. Adding what items they interacted with increases that toll.

Accelerating out 1-2 weeks will cause mental fatigue, confusion, physical exhaustion, and she will be in a state somewhere between barely concious and passed out. Adding item interaction means she will be barely coherant at all, as if she's drunk or high in a dangerous state.

A month or longer will cause her to pass out and may take multiple sessions and be dangerous. To track people she wouldn't know or to go longer than a month would require divine support for that session.

Once the thread is experienced or followed she can create a map of where that person has been and roughly how long they spent in each area. She does not know the contents of the why, what was done, or discussed.


Hilda seems rather outgoing and personable. Between beauty and charm she has a very strong presence that complement one another which she will use to try to get people to open up or feel comfortable. While she doesn't share many details of herself other than those obvious already she is fairly supportive of many others. She can put on an air as if she is simpler than she is though those that pay close enough attention will see that she has a certain intelligence burning inside of her.

She can be quite clever or coy, redirecting or simply sharing only partial truths. She is not against testing people to see if they are worthy and those tests may not always be fair. She gives off the image of a simple girl next door barmaid who could have grown up just down the way from you. But something bubbles beneath the veneer that observes, watches, and uses information for her own benefit. Is her smile real or false? It can be very difficult to tell.

  • Larthin (Parent): Hilda's birth father. They are aquainted and have spent time together throughout her life. While this relationship is not a public one she accepts him as her father and sees him as someone that has both positive and negative traits. Somehow she has managed to grow up quite different from her father, cautious and wary with an empathy and caring that he does not often outwardly express. There is a soft humbleness she displays that seems quite different of how he carries himself. She is even-tempered and even if she desires something she will consider the impact of obtaining it as well as her surroundings and others around her before she will take action. She certainly is quite a bit different than the god though Larthin does seem to be rather fond of his daughter with a genuine affection for her, he does wish she'd be a little more brash to take what she wants. A little more openly earnest. She is the daughter of a god. She shouldn't be afraid to show her lineage.
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