Hyssop Mithal

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Head Courtesan Hyssop Mithal
Faction : Courtesan
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 12/12/1175 (Age: 46)
Gender : Male
Position : Head Courtesan
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <Parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By : Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Courtesan Crest.png

Born December 12, 1175 into House Mithal, Hyssop was a young boy who loved to learn and make people laugh and smile. Perhaps it was these traits that lead him to the path his life had taken. As a young man, he came to love and admire the goddess Attia more than all others and he remains steadfastly devout to her to this day.

Upon his 15th birthday, Hyssop joined the ranks of the Courtesans, deciding that he would make his life one of service. Upon joining the Courtesans, he undertook several years of training. By his 19th birthday, he was ready to be debuted. He debuted to Queen Missiah Choisi, and this proved to be an entertaining first duty. Since then he has spent time with the other monarchs of Atharia, as well as their spouses.

For the next twenty years, he did his duty as a courtesan, going from patron to patron to offer his services and to acquire tidbits of information and feeding it back to the Head Courtesan. There were times that he thought about retiring and returning to House Mithal, but when the previous Head Courtesan passed away, he was one of the most senior courtesans still active and he lobbied for the position.

Ascending to the position of Head Courtesan at the age of 39, it is a position he has held ever since, and one he uses to pursue the goals of the Courtesans and the gods.

RP Hooks
  • Head Courtesan: Hyssop is the Head Courtesan and is quite involved in the politics of the different realms as well as managing the Courtesans.
  • Mithal: Hyssop was born a Mithal once upon a time. He has given up all claims to the house and any such privileges of being a member though.
  • Reserved: Most often, Hyssop is reserved in his dealings with others, preferring to watch and listen than make his voice heard. This has worked out quite well for him in the past, and he hopes it can continue to work in the future.

Standing 5'10", Hyssop wears a silk coat and trousers of dark blue with white and red threads creating floral patterns along the cuffs. His coat is unbuttoned and displays a white silk shirt underneath. His complexion is pale, as one might expect from Luminat, but his blue eyes shine with life and intelligence.


Hyssop has an affinity to divination magic and can make use of it to have prophetic visions of the future. When he uses the magic it will afterwards cause a state of emotional detachment and isolation that increases with each use.


If any word could describe Hyssop it is 'chameleon', his personality can shift and change to adapt to the setting he is in and to match the person he is in conversation with. When in private, he tends to be quiet and reserved with a focus on listening and paying attention rather than bringing undue attention to himself.

  • Missiah (Client): Queen Missiah was who I debuted to, since then we have had an engagement here and there. Always a lovely woman to spend time with.
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