Jaden Luminat

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King Jaden Luminat
Jaden Luminat.png
Faction : Luminat
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 10/4/1165 (Age: 57)
Gender : Male
Position : King
Parent : Not Named
Parent : Not Named
Status : Married
Children : Many
Portrayed By : N/A
Luminat Crest.png

See The Story, Luminat Kingdom, and Luminat Family.

RP Hooks
  • Luminat Family: Jaden is from the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Luminat King: Jaden is the king of Luminat.

Jaden is slightly on the taller side and he has a sturdy build. He is a very handsome man, even with the ghostly look of of those from Luminat. His muscles can be seen pretty easily, as his build allows for it. His skin is an olive hue and his hair is black with a bit of white mixed in, giving it a salt and pepper look. His turquoise eyes stand out quite prominently.

He wears a black, silk jacket over a white silk shirt. His pants match his jacket and on his feet are a pair of black leather boots. He doesn't really wear any jewelry, save for a signet ring, but he does wear a sword belt with a sword at his hip.


Jaden's magic could almost be considered divine{,} though it is not. He can bless whatever he wants. There is no specific type of blessing he can do but when he does bless something or someone it can be extremely powerful. For example{,} if he blesses a sapling he can cause it to grow within minutes because of that blessing. Or if it is a person with child he can bless the child to birth quicker{,} very similar to the Ritual of Birth. He rarely does powerful rituals because{,} much to his dismay{,} he loses something of value to him. The stronger the blessing the more valuable the thing or person he loses. So{,} if he were to bless a parent with a quick birth it is a very real possibility someone in his family is taken. It is unclear to if they die or simply vanish from the world{,} never to be reborn or seen again.


Jaden is a benevolent leader who leans towards giving aid to his people over controlling them. He demands loyalty and earns it rather than expects it. Though Jaden is kind and will take the route of least resistance he does not forgive those who do ill deeds easily, including his own family. There is kindness and there is being a doormat. Jaden is not the latter. His anger is slow to boil and he is firmly on the side of serving justice. His justice, may not be the same as others, mind.

  • Elena (Sibling): Elena is JAden's younger sister. She rules the Divinus Kingdom. They don't always see eye to eye but he does support her, in a sense. They don't agree on a lot of things.
  • Kalem (Sibling): Kalem is Jaden's twin brother who is a few minutes older. Though they don't hate each other it is vary hard for Jaden to agree with most of the decisions his brother makes. They are basically the opposite, after all.
  • Missiah (Sibling): Missiah is Jaden's youngest sister. She rules her kingdom in quite the whimsical way. She is, perhaps, the sibling he gets along with best. She rarely takes the side of his or their siblings.
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