Jessica Hightide

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Lady Jessica Hightide
Faction : Hightide
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 9/18/1199 (Age: 23)
Gender : Female
Position : Lady
Parent : Baron Silvester Whitewater (Deceased)
Parent : Baroness Eloise Whitewater (Deceased)
Status : Married
Children : Baroness Eloise Whitewater (Deceased)
Portrayed By :
Hightide Crest.png

Jessica is one of the many siblings of Baroness Keeley Whitewater and is not concerned for inheriting anything. Jessica was born as a triplet with her siblings being Drew and Ren. Jessica was taught in the ways of the darker side of the Whitewaters and she does not mind this. She is heavily involved in the secretive actions of the Whitewater family. Recently she has married into the Hightide family to Lady Contessa Hightide.

RP Hooks
  • Choisi Kingdom: Jessica is part of the Choisi Kingdom.
  • Get 'Er Done: Want something less than pleasant done with no connection to you? Jessica could be the girl for you.
  • Hightide Family: Jessica is now a Hightide as she was married into the family.
  • Noble: Jessica is considered a noble.
  • Whitewater Family: Jessica is part of the notorious Waterwater family.

This woman has a beautiful build, that is as slender as one would expect from a Choisian, and she is well proportioned. Her pale skin brings out her storm grey eyes and is a contrast to her raven black hair, that is long and curly. Peeping from amongst her curly hair are long slender ears.

Her hair is pulled back into a bun with tendrils framing her face, which has been done up with makeup to enhance her looks. She wears a white, silk, button up top with a black silk suit jacket over it and a black silk pencil skirt covers her lower half. Pale grey stockings cover her legs and on her feet are a pair of black leather heels.


Jessica has an innate ability to summon phantoms of the creatures of the waters. She has no control when she summons them but it is, most of the time, when she is in a situation where she is in grave danger. These summoned creatures fight for her for a limited time but they are more powerful than their 'living' counterparts. The lack of being able to control when she summons a phantom water creature irritates Jessica since even with training it is very hard for her to summon the creatures on command.


Jessica is a quiet reserved person who rarely lets people get to close to her. She is always observing people and trying to understand why they do the things they do. Jessica has a mysterious quality to her, as she rarely talks about anything involving herself that isn't public knowledge. She is not an obvious person when she is angered, more of a vengeful person. Someone offends her, she takes an action to return the offense in one way or another. Sometimes it is more than is deserved but mostly she goes with the policy of 'an eye for an eye'. If someone steals her shoes, she steals their shoes, and other such things. Basically, she believes in returning what is given, be it good or bad.

  • Drew (Sibling): Drew is Jessica's sibling. She is fond of them. She finds it a bit odd that Drew is a Acolyte of Mataya but, hey, whatever makes them happy Jessica supports. They are a triplet of her and Ren.
  • Ren (Sibling): Ren is Jessica brother. He is a Child of Gods and sometimes she wonders about his actions, even for the nature of Whitewaters they are a bit off. He is a triplet with her and Drew.
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