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Princess Kamala Divinus
Faction : Divinus
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 5/14/1214
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : Larthin - God Father
David Hart - Father (Adopted her at birth, Deceased)
Ozymandias Luminat - Father (Adopted Kamala)
Andred Divinus - Father (Adopted by default when Taya adopted her)
Parent : Kalesia Hart - Mother (deceased)
Taya Divinus - Mother (adopted Kamala)
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Divinus Crest.png

Kamala is a Child of Larthin whose parents were people from the Seat of Gods. Her mother, Kalesia Hart, was her birth mother and Kalesia's husband, David Hart, was her adopted father at the time. Kamala doesn't know much of her life before she was placed into hiding for her protection, as she was quite young when she was awoken. When she was eight years old Kamala's parents packed her up to flee the cabin in the woods they were living in, they never explained why, but on their escape Kamala's parents were killed by something mysterious, Kamala never saw what. She was crying when Taya, Ozymandias, and Hyssop found her. When she was brought back to Tranquil City then Elysium Kamala spent time there, a lot of it with Valeria, Taya, and Ozymandias. She grew confident in her safety, more so when Ozymandias and Taya adopted her as their child, making her Andred's adopted daughter by extension. It took her a while before she understood what a bastard child was, which is what she is, but she easily enough accepted it. During her eleventh year of being alive Larthin, being the impulsive God he is, decided to make her an adult in a method very similar to the Ritual of Growth, lacking the sacrifice expected of the parents.

Her awakening was a simple affair. When she was around two Larthin showed himself before her parents and told them he decided he wanted her blood, as his Child, awakened. Who is going to tell a God no and think it will be heeded? Not Kalesia and David. So, Larthin approached the little toddler and touched her head then patted her cheek, a moment of pain, like being giving a needle, caused Kamala to cry wildly before she was awoken and soothed by Larthin then her parents. That was all there was to it. He told Kalesia and David to take Kamala into hiding, as was expected for the Child at the time for her awakening.

RP Hooks
  • Bastard Child: Kamala is considered a bastard Child because Ozymandias and Taya are not married nor are they Consorts. This is a rare case where her parents are not a scandal for making her a bastard Child. They are both Children of Gods, Kamala is one, and Larthin would not allow someone to mock any of his Child, Kamala and Taya are both his. Kamala was also orphaned and found with her mortal parents dead and protecting her from an unknown threat.
  • Child Of Gods: Kamala is a Child of Gods, specifically Larthin's. Nobles and royals alike can seek to adopt her, should they wish to try and gain a Child of Gods (or more) into their family.
  • Commoner: Kamala is common born.
  • Commoner To Royalty: Kamala is the RARE case of a Commoner becoming nobility. Royalty to be specific. A commoner being adopted into nobility is not allowed except if the Commoner is a Child of Gods. Kamala is a Child of Gods.
  • Divinus Family: Kamala is now considered a member of the Divinus Family.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Kamala is now considered a member of the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Royalty: Since Kamala was adopted by Taya and Ozymandias, she is considered royalty.
  • Seat Of The Gods: Kamala was born raised in the Seat of Gods, however, since she was awakened young as a Child of Gods she didn't spend much time around people until after she was sought out by the other Children of Gods.
  • Unnaturally Aged: Kamala was aged through the ritual of growth to 18 years. Sort of. Her father, Larthin, decided to turn her to an adult, at age 11, by everything but years. She still abides by the rules of Ritual of Growth (just lacking the sacrifice part): https://atharia.vertinext.com/index.php?title=Game_news:Children

Beauty is one thing that Kamala does not lack. Her slim frame, a few inches over five feet, has the perfect amount of femininity to it, her shape very flattering for her slim frame. Her caramel skin just seems to add to her allure, as does her waist length, wavy brown hair. The final touch to her elegant features are the deep black eyes that draw people in.

The hair of this girl is swept back into a perfect bun that is then accented by gold and silver clips adorned with black diamonds. She wears earrings, a necklace, and bracelets that match. She wears a black bell-sleeved dress that is ankle length that flatters her form, and it has beautiful embroidery made from gold thread all over it. Over the light dress she wears a black fur cloak that falls to her ankles. On her feet are a pair of gold hued leather heels.


Kamala is a sweet girl who is good natured. However, when her magic activates, which is unintentional, by feeding on the sliver of bad feelings she might have she seems to get a personality switch. If she feels a seed of anger towards someone who wrongs her, Kamala's magic activates, and she does what she can to ease that anger. It could be throwing a tantrum, breaking things, or pulling pranks on someone. After that emotion is eased away Kamala finds herself terrified of herself, the world around, her and of anyone who gets too close to her, this fear is only temporary. She is still a bit timid after that terror fades away but not to the point she flees to somewhere she can hide. She struggles to keep her magic from activating since she doesn't have conscious control over it and has gotten a little better at it as she got older, as she learned to better control her emotions and reactions.


Kamala has always been a quiet person who hides her woes behind a bright smile and a personality that is somewhere between chipper and reserved. Kamala always sees the good in people and is very quick to get attached to them. She holds people in high regard, especially her family. When she gets truly excited about something Kamala becomes very animated and excited, to the point she can start talking rapidly. From time to time the quiet and cheery personality of Kamala changes, as if a light switch has been flicked and she has a meltdown that results into quite a show.

  • Larthin (Father): Larthin is Kamala's parent who is a God. He intimidates her and she's heard tales of his pettiness but he is always kind to her and giving her fancy things.
  • Ozymandias (Parental Figure): Kamala adores Ozymandias. He is Mataya's Archbishop and he is always kind to her. It is rare she doesn't feel safe in his presence.
  • Taya (Parental Figure): Kamala adores Taya and thinks she is the best person in the world. When Kamala is with Taya she feels safe.
  • Valeria (Sister): Valeria is like a protective older sister. Kamala never has to worry about her safety when Valeria is around. Kamala is especially fond of Valeria's dire wolf Nash.
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