Kasey Icegarde

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Scholar Kasey Icegarde
Faction : Icegarde
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 3/22/1200 (Age: 22)
Gender : Other
Position : Scholar
Parent : Elias Icegarde
Parent : Cecelie Icegarde
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Icegarde Crest.png

Kasey is the child of Cecelie and Elias Icegarde and the sibling of Sage Adora Icegarde. Besides Adora, Kasey has other siblings. Kasey has never been a bold person so they were often found off reading a book or looking into something of interest to them. This means, most of their education was focused on gaining knowledge. Like all Icegardes, often focuses on getting something done that has intellectual value. She has even travelled to the other Kingdoms to help establlish libraries. Kasey is not married and has no children, currently.

RP Hooks
  • Commoner: Kasey is a commoner.
  • Divinus: Kasey is from the Divinus family.
  • Icegarde Family: Kasey is a member of the Icegarde Family
  • Scholar: Kasey loves stuff involving intelligence. They always have a book at hand and are always looking to help with scholarly things.

Kasey has a lean, and is a bit on the taller side, build that has very little curves or muscle to it. However, they have features that are considered 'classically beautiful'. Their skin is the color of sweet honey and their eyes are a stunning hazel. They have waist length raven black hair that has waves to it.

They typically have their hair pulled back and they prefer to wear clothing that is more subdue and modest. They don't often wear anything considered lavish or bright. They are rarely without a book and satchel for carrying stuff in.


Kasey can give objects, and with effort areas, just enough light to see what they are looking at. For example, should they be in a dark place with a book they can light up the book so they can read it. Use of this magic, though, temporarily makes Kasey blind. How long they are blind for depends on how long they make something glow. So, if a book is glowing for 5 hours, they can't see for 5 hours.


Kasey is a very shy person who gets uncomfortable in a crowd and always has their nose in a book. They are studious and serious, the majority of the time. When getting passed their shyness, which takes a long time, they are discovered to be a intelligent and warm person who is always careful to inquire after someone's well being.

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