Kiran Mountainwind

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Lord Kiran Mountainwind
Faction : Mountainwind
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 8/8/1186 (Age: 36)
Gender : Male
Position : Lord
Parent : Not named
Parent : Not named
Status : Married
Children : He has some.
Portrayed By :
Mountainwind Crest.png

Kiran lost his parents when he was young and was raised by his oldest sibling, he has a few siblings. He learned a variety of things, a lot focused on what people might expect from a nobleman. He was married to Derry Mountainwind and joined the Mountainwind family. With Derry Kiran has had some children. So far Derry and Kiran are still married.

RP Hooks
  • Divinus Kingdom: Kiran is from the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Misery Loves Company: Kiran is a pessimistic guy and he feels like he needs to be around others to protect them or because it helps chase his blues away.
  • Mountainwind Family: Kiran married into the Mountainwind family.
  • Nobility: Kiran is a nobleman.

This man has a slightly tall, slim build with little more than the barest hint of muscle to his form. His skin is an almond hue, which draws out the deep black of his eyes and the raven black of his hair.

He wears a simple white button up shirt under a black silk jacket and pants set. On his feet are a pair dark brown shoes.


Kiran Kiran is very good at picking up the feelings of others, the negative ones are often the ones that show the most to him. He is naturally skilled at reading people but once he activates his magical ability he picks up them so intensely that it is like the emotion is his very own. Generally this doesn't help much but in situations there is a threat against someone he is often able to use his magic to find possible suspects because of their emotions. After Kiran finishes using his magic he feels very sick, depending the length of time it can be so bad he doesn't feel better for days.


Kiran is a bit of a pessimistic man who always believes the worst will happen in any given situation. He doesn't always say that is how he is thinking. He always finds himself unexpectedly pleased when things go well over the horrible things he is certain will happen. Kiran doesn't smile often but when he does it can light up the room. He constantly worries he will lose someone he cares about because, after all, he is always certain the worst will happen. When Kiran loves, though, it is with everything he's got because of his constant certainty of bad events to happen.

  • Derry (Spouse): Derry and Kiran were politically married. Together they have children.
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