Kyrah Choisi

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Princess Kyrah Choisi
Faction : Choisi
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 3/20/1202 (Age: 21)
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : Queen Missiah Choisi
Parent : Queen Ferah Choisi
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
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RP Hooks
  • Choisi Family: Kyrah is a member of the Choisi Kingdom.
  • Choisi Kingdom: Kyrah is royalty of the Choisi Kingdom and accepts all that rests on her shoulders for that.
  • Princess: Kyrah is a Princess of the Choisi family. She is the sibling of Prince Jareth, the heir to the throne.

Dark red hair falls to the shoulders in a mass of curls that can rarely be tamed. The tone of her dark red hair compliments the dark brown hue of her skin. Her dark skin brings out the aquamarine of her eyes. She has a very curvaceous figure that makes her height of 4'11 seem a touch shorter than she is, but no less alluring in appearance.

She wears a black leather vest over a red silk button up shirt. She wears tight, black leather pants with dark brown leather heels on her feet.


Kyrah is a dreamer, that is to say that she has dreams of the Gods and what they desire. In her dreams they whisper what it is they want from her or what their desire is. Sometimes it is cryptic messages, sometimes it is flashes of images. It is rare that the dreams are perfectly clear to what she is to do, leaving it up to her and those she tells to interpret the dreams. However, Kyrah can not control when these dreams come to her. She could be in the middle of dinner and she suddenly finds herself swaying and falling asleep. There is no specific length of time to how long these dreams last and she stays asleep. She has found herself asleep for minutes to weeks. The longest, so far, has she's been asleep for a month.


Kyrah is very nomadic like all the people from Choisi kingdom but she is more precise and selective on where to go, as she seeks to go to places that provide the most benefit for the people of her Kingdom. She feels it is her duty, as a Princess, to do what she can to help her people. Everything she does is done with the intent to prove she is worthy of being a Choisi Princess. She strives to form alliances, to meet people. She is a people's person, really.

  • Missiah (Mother): Queen Missiah Choisi is Kyrah's mother and Kyrah is fond of her but gets a little bothered by her flighty nature. Just because it bothers her doesn't mean Kyrah loves her mother less or doubts her ability to lead.
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