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Prince Liam Santua
Prince Liam.jpg
Faction : Santua
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 3/17/1205 (Age: 19)
Gender : Male
Position : Prince
Parent : God LArthin (Father), Unnamed Windrock Lord (Father), Kalem Santua (Adopted Father)
Parent : Unnamed Windrock (Adopted Parent), Kennedy Santua (Adopted Father)
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Santua Crest.png

Liam was being raised as a typical Lord and given an education typical for one. That is until he was awakened by Larthin as his Child. This was when Liam was 10 years old. A well trusted servant, Essa Snow, and two well trusted guards were sent with him when Liam was tucked into hiding for his protection, as was normal for a Child of Gods. Though, he couldn't interact with people outside Essa and the 2 guards Liam was never left wanting. His education was able to continue, though, it was taught by the Guards and Essa from books Essa went to get for him. During the years he was in hiding Larthin decided to visit him and chat with him to 'train' him to be Larthin's Child. When he was in his mid teens or so Liam was found by Valeria, Taya, and Ozymandias, as he was told he would be by Larthin, and escorted to Tranquil City to the safety of Elysium. He has been adopted into the Santua Royalty as King Kalem and King Kennedy's son.

RP Hooks
  • Child Of Gods: Liam is Larthin's Child and this is well known. This also makes him of interest for royals to adopt into their family.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Liam is a member of the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Nobility: Liam is considered a noble.
  • Royalty: Since Liam as adopted into the Santua Family, he is now considered royalty.
  • Santua Family: Liam was adopted into the Santua Royal family.
  • Santua Kingdom: Liam was adopted into the Santua Kingdom and is now a member of it.
  • Windrock Family: Liam is a member of the Windrock family.

This man is a bit over the average height for a person from Divinus Kingdom and his build is quite slim. Though he is slim, the muscles he bears can subtly be seen. His skin is a cream colored hue that compliments his blue eyes and ear length, raven black hair.

He has a gold stud pierced in one ear and subtle traces of make up to enhance his looks. He wears a gold chain necklace around his neck and his silk button up shirt is black. At the wrists of the shirt he wears gold cufflinks. His nails are painted black with subtle hints of gold. His pants are a slightly darker shade of black than his top and on his feet are a pair of leather boots that are brown colored.


Liam is capable of turning powerful animals or creatures aggressive against people. The aggression is done in order to protect him. If a bear is very passive and avoiding a fight but a situation comes up that Liam could, potentially, be under threat, his magic activates and turns them aggressive and they attack in order to keep him safe. As with all magic, this is not without consequence. Each time Laim turns an animal aggressive he is harmed. The more powerful the animal or creature, the deeper and more dangerous his wounds become. A mouse might give him a nick to the finger but a bear might give him a cut that needs stitches.


Liam is an arrogant, confident man who behaves like he is superior than others without being down right rude. He knows he is Larthin's child and as his Child Liam was taught by the God to know he is /superior/. Over all, Liam is a decent guy, despite his arrogance. He doesn't lord who he is over people and he has people he cares very deeply for. This doesn't mean he won't seek his revenge against those he believes wronged him. He is his father's son, after all, as well as someone considered to be nobility.

  • Essa (Servant): Essa is Liam's beloved servant.
  • Ozymandias (Escort): Ozymandias was one of the people who escorted Liam to Elysium in Tranquil City.
  • Taya (Escort): Taya was one of the people who escorted Liam to Elysium in Tranquil City.
  • Valeria (Escort): Valeria was one of the people who escorted Liam to Elysium in Tranquil City.
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