Llyrion Softbreeze

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Lord Llyrion Softbreeze
Faction : Softbreeze
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 2/9/1196 (Age: 27)
Gender : Male
Position : Lord
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <Parent>
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : Lee Pace
Softbreeze Crest.png

The youngest of three, born to the noble House Softbreeze, Llyrion enjoyed an upbringing that was low on discipline and expectations. Surprising pretty much everyone, he sought out a prestigious education in the Blessings of Magic Academy, becoming a tutor and researcher of occult and esoteric mysteries. As if bucking some of the familial expectations, he holds a modestly respectable reputation as a scholar of magic.

RP Hooks
  • Scholar Of Magic: Llyrion is a tutor and researcher of arcane lore at the Blessings of Magic Academy. His students adore him, mainly because he lets them slack off and get away with blue murder. He's currently seeking lore on mythical animals and artifacts, because why not?
  • Socialite: There's are few things that can convince Llyrion to roll out of his silken bed, but a luxurious party or lavish banquet are among them. He can be quite the social butterfly when he feels the whim to mingle, and he's known for being quite the fashionista -- he has a way of making his attire look effortlessly stylish.
  • Softbreeze: He's one of them. While he's not as prone to scandal as people expect members of his family to be, Llyrion isn't exactly the exception to the rule either. Perhaps he has occasionally made jokes in ever-so-slightly poor taste, and yes, he definitely *did* turn up to a party barely-dressed that one time. But look, nobody's perfect.

Llyrion is an undeniably beautiful man, if your ideal of beauty runs towards graceful, elegant slenderness. His face is fine-boned in a manner that lends his appearance a prettiness that borders on the feminine, adorned by a vulpine, long-lashed black gaze that contrasts with flawless alabaster skin. Long-fingered hands are crowned by manicured nails, and his snowy white hair is always silky and clean. While his overall look is almost elfin, his voice is velvety and smooth, slightly husky. His grins are glittering, revealing the delicate points of his sharp canine teeth.

Today Llyrion is dressed in slim-fitting black velvet robes, perfectly tailored. They're worn over slim-fitting black trousers that are tucked into fine black boots. His hair is short, straight, and styled in a tousled side part. From his visible earlobe there hangs a silver earring set with a drop-shaped rainbow crystal bead.


Llyrion carries an affinity for air magic. He can direct gusts of wind to affect his surroundings with various degrees of power -- anything from delicately snuffing out a candle within a few meters distance, all the way to sending a heavy wooden table flying across a room. His magic is not without cost, of course. After he uses it, he suffers fatigue and dizziness relative to the power he has expended. In the example of the candle, he might need to take a few minutes of rest before he can resume normal activity. In the case of the table, he might be forced to find a place to lie down, then sleep until his energies are restored.


Llyrion is elegant, good-humored, and just a little bit lazy. It's easy to imagine him luxuriously reclining on a velvet couch, holding a glass of expensive wine in one perfectly manicured hand and a book of arcane lore in the other. At once a scholar and a hedonist, he's given to occasional moments of eccentricity, but he's beautiful and stylish enough to get away with it most of the time. He's a rather typical member of the Softbreeze family, not caring much about what people think of him as long as he's allowed to do as he pleases.

  • Lady Anastasia Softbreeze (sister)
  • Lady Carilynne Softbreeze (sister)
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