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Courtesan Evelyn Maribel Hoodfalls Periwinkle Stone
Faction : Courtesan
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 10/22/1200 (Age: 22)
Gender : Female
Position : Courtesan
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
Courtesan Crest.png

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RP Hooks
  • Aesthete Analyst: Artists, dreamers, people who have an absurd amount of things to say about wainscotting... Lorin loves them all, and she spends her entire life moving between social circles of artists and intellectuals with as much verve and excitement as she does the gamblers and burnouts. But Lorin loves people. People often mistake her for a high class groupie when they would do better to remember that she is an economist dressed like a romantic.
  • Artist: Behind the fine gloss of civilized aesthetic veneer there is a dancer and storyteller who loves her craft with all of her heart. Her ability to dance, to tell tales and captivate with conversation, is the reason she has a good score of formal clientele.
  • Courtesan: Not only a Courtesan, but one of the very few whose network of patrons has enabled her to live off her own livelihood... for the time being.
  • Extrovert: To quote Eve Babitz, she is a major social force... for parties.
  • Social Lite: If you've ever wanted to talk to someone for five hours about how certain you are that your houseplant is psychic, there are few people who will be as engaged as Lorin. And unironically so, because she did not grew up in such a manner that she developed the rational boundaries on crazy that most people do.

It must be said that although there is a fox-like cast to Lorin's face, the way her large eyes loom over high cheekbones centered with a nose that comes to a point, she is of a piece. The same sharp angles and curves that make of modesty, an achievable virtue, something of a bore. Her heritage is hard to determine between pale skin and hair a dark gold with burning low lights.

Her wardrobe tells more of her station. With her hair elaborately coiffed and swept up and back, a modest kaftan of light periwinkle is tied in angular fashion about a sheath skirt and a silk blouse. Her hands are modestly gloved beyond the three-quarter in sleeves of the kaftan, betraying the full image of a woman who has very likely never known what real work is. The intense cost in labor alone that shifts and shimmers as it drapes in lilac silhouette, the same exact shade of eyeshadow that fades into her soft temples, and the simple flat slippers indicate leisure to come.

Her makeup is no different, and like her adornment, is applied not to achieve effect but purely to revel in artifice: thick curls of dark blond hair hidden underneath her kaftan for company alone to see; her eyes hidden with a gauzy veil pinned to obscure her gaze further; nails the color of moonshadow, like everything else, lacquered to perfection and wrapped, perfectly, for only a few to see.


Lorin possesses the power to magically forge binding contracts between consenting parties. The nature of the contract can range from "Deliver X good at Y price in Z time" to "Sir L yields his many years' mastery of the sword to Sir Y in exchange for Sir Y formally accepting Sir L's adoption as agreed upon..."

Or, as Lorin herself has been known to do, exchanges here and there. A courtesan is someone everyone comes to for advice, after all.

The DRAWBACKS! On the fixed side, such exchanges must be written upon by silk woven by Lorin herself. And that silk represents nights of sleep, literal sleep given up so that its substance can be woven into the required length. The longer the contract, the more dangerous or risky the parties involved, the more hedging required, the more terms and parties that need to be defined to close loopholes... Every contract requires a set regeneration time in which Lorin is simply out like a light. It's the equivalent of severe and sudden exhaustion. Once activated, she had better be someplace safe.

You can die without enough sleep. You can cause severe damage to your body by demanding more sleep than one has to give, such as a week or more. These contracts are bound in dreams and forged to touch the soul. Even if the exchange is trivial, the amount of work and its physical, emotional, and mental toll on Lorin's health when such contracts are activated may be severe.


It must be remembered that, at all levels, Lorin is a Consort. She has been trained since age 9 (first put to work as a general laborer at age 7) after her stint in social isolation. To that end, it is not money but /value/ that Lorin calculates on a near constant basis. It informs the risks she takes, how bargains are made or hedged, and the optimum use of her time. She can bargain almost anything, or find someone willing to sell something close enough, but time is the rarest of all things. At her base, Lorin is "dreamy", and this is true. Lorin is a great listener, socially delightful to be around, and heaven itself as facilitating social scenes. On a deeper scale, beyond the mist, every move she makes in some way advances an agenda being worked upon, and that agenda could vary from "improve one's magical skill" to "invent social cheoreography because that might be fun." It isn't that Lorin is a hedonist, not exactly, although she has her tendencies; it's more her belief in a general lack of morality as necessarily punitive that puts her at odds with those who demand more rigor than the easy-going Choisin... who will absolutely butcher you alive and sell you down to your shadow if need be.

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