Maeve Bellham

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Lady Maeve Aurora Bellham
Faction : Bellham
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 3/3/1197 (Age: 26)
Gender : female
Position : Lady
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Parent : <parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
Bellham Crest.png

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RP Hooks
  • I Challenge You To A Duel: Maeve is an enormous, athletic, and adventurous sort, and takes entirely too much pleasure from throwing her weight around. She is the kind of person who has been known to get into a fight simply as a way of taking someone's measure. This particular habit of hers exasperates her friends and family to no end.
  • Matters Magical: Maeve takes an acute interest in pushing the boundaries of what is possible through magic, and is willing to pay an astronomical price for any object which carries in it some form of enchantment. That glowing ring rumored to lay in an ancient ruin somewhere? She wants that, and she wants to make her own.
  • Matters Mercantile: Maeve commands a burgeoning mercantile empire, in charge of a patronage network that deals primarily in silks and spices but is able to acquire all manner of unusual goods. If you need something rare acquired, she probably knows a way to get it and had an opinion about whether or not it's worth buying.

Richly layered turquoise-green hair tumbles down to the small of Maeve's back, a luxurious mass of silken tresses that boasts vivid, natural highlights. Her features have the sculpted and refined planes of nobility, her cheekbones high and nose delicately upturned. Her cupid's-bow lips are not the fullest, but are expressive and quick to smile. Most arresting of all is the shade of her skin, a blue that recalls the richness of sapphire.

She is also tremendously tall, standing at a precisely even seven feet. Visible muscle lends a sense of power to her feminine figure, her muscles mostly of the sinuously compact and lean variety, but especially impressive through her arms and stomach. Her figure swells at the bust and dips at the waist. Statuesque would be one word to describe her. She carries herself with an impeccable posture and even stride.


Maeve is skilled in transformation magic. Given enough time and preparation, she is able to change her appearance to any of those common among the known races. The longer she takes to visualize her desired result, the better a likeness it will be--painting or sketching the desired outcome is particularly useful.

There is a strict limit on this power, however: she is not able to impersonate specific individuals. She might for example grow shorter and resemble a choisi woman, but she couldn't pretend to be their princess. Nor is she able to take any non-human or inanimate shapes. This ability has proven useful to her in blending in amongst foreign peoples without drawing the attention that normally attends to an odd-colored Santuan.

All magic exacts a price, however, and Maeve's is no different. The less like herself she seems while transformed, and the longer she spends transformed, the higher the penalty. In her case this can take the form of joint and muscle pain, migraines, fever, or even mental instability and prolonged coma-like unconsciousness.


Confident to a fault, Maeve is the kind of person who believes she could take on the world and win. Thankfully, that tremendous ego is married to a charitable and giving nature which sees her utterly loyal to her friends, as well as totally resolute against adversity. She is quick to laugh and tries to find the pleasure in all things. Very rarely, she has a day of intense melancholy, but those bouts never last.

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