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| [[The Story]] || [[The People]]
| [[The Story]] || [[The People]]
| [[Policies]] ||
| [[Policies]] || [[Game Ad]]

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How to connect:
Address: atharia.vertinext.com 4201
Discord: https://discord.gg/RMVTKuAh9B

Welcome to Atharia, a world of people that have been cursed to repeat the same life over and over again by a petty god. The people strive to break this endless curse and have broken off into four kingdoms, each one believing they have chosen the right path that will end their curse. There are people that remember the past, considered nobility, and those that do not, considered to be commoner. Though the nobles are highly respected due to their recollection of their past lives commoners and nobles alike work together to find the cure to the Curse. They have formed a social structure to form alliances and help everyone meet their goals of ending the curse.

Currently they are seeking to find a way to appease the gods by travelling the world. It is said there are mythical creatures that could possibly hold the answers to freeing the people of Atharia.

OOC: Atharia is a world of repeating lives but we are not going to be in any rush to shift into the next one. Us moving to the next life will likely be more based on if the players want to see the changes their actions have done. You will not likely lose any progress you made. You die, sure, but unless specifically requested otherwise you're the same person as you were in the previous life. View it as that in each life something about the world changes. A new kingdom becomes a thing, people who were once noble no longer are because they got wiped out in the previous life and did not get their memories of the past life returned, etc.

Atharia has a roster system (+help roster in game) for those who prefer to 'plug and play' to get into a game. We also have character generation for those who prefer CG. As part of the CG we have included generators so people can skip parts that they are really not big on doing. These are all included to make point of entry as easy as possible for people.

The information, so far:

Bestiary Glossary
Kingdoms Kingdom Sweepstakes
Magic Religion
Social The Laws
The Military The Money
The Story The People
Policies Game Ad

The following information are suggestions to help you get into theme and your character quickly. They are not listed in any particular order.