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Address: 4201

Welcome to the world of Atharia where the mortals of the world were cursed by one of the Gods to repeat the same life over and over. They may be able to change aspects of their next life, but it is still the same thing. Each of the main four kingdoms (the ones set up to allow PCs for sure) have their own beliefs on how to break the Curse put upon them. There are many tales of ways to break the Curse yet, no one has figured out just how even with the appearance of new Gods and Kingdoms. Those who are considered noble were originally named as such because they were blessed by one of the Gods to recall the lives they lived before. Though more do not recall their former lives, they do know that it is true they have lived more than one life in the world that does not start over like the mortals do.

Currently the mortals are trying all paths presented to them to try and break the Curse put on them. Some focus on the Children of Gods being the solution, some focus on worshiping the Gods more intensely. There are those who consider exploration to be the way. If someone has thought of it, the mortals try it to break the Curse.

OOC: Although Atharia is a world of repeating lives we will not shift to a new life without most of the players feeling the story of the current life is told enough. When it is decided the mortals will move onto their new lives, you do not lose the progress you’ve made. You can even keep the same character for the new life if you so choose.

A particularly important note, Atharia is an extremely casual game. It could be plots and RP daily or it could be a couple of weeks or more. We’re more interested in telling stories that include everyone that wants to be in the story over rushing out all the stories and plots. We know a lot of people have busy RL and we focus on that over just getting stories out.

Atharia has a roster system (+help roster in game) for those who prefer to 'plug and play' to get into a game. We also have character generation for those who prefer CG. As part of the CG we have included generators so people can skip parts that they are really not big on doing. These are all included to make point of entry as easy as possible for people.

The information, so far:

Bestiary Glossary
Kingdoms Kingdom Sweepstakes
Magic Religion
Social The Laws
The Military The Money
The Story The People
Policies Past Lives
Game Ad

The following information are suggestions to help you get into theme and your character quickly. They are not listed in any particular order.