Meddlesome Gods: Soleil's Blessing

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Jasse entered to give prayer to Soleil and got more than they bargained for.  
Jesse Lavoda, Game news:Soleil  
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IC Date
September 27 1223  
Date of RP
Wed May 25 2022  
House of God Soleil - Chapel Way - Temple District  
Room Desc
Hues of yellow are the dominant color scheme of this temple. Carved into or painted on the walls are various depictions of Soleil pulling the sun across the sky and pushing the moon away. The way the coloring is done in this temple it is like walking on the sun or bursting from it, depending on how one wants to view it. A dais is set up with an alter for the Clergy to give sermons, group prayers, lead events, and so on should they so desire. The seating is long yellow marble benches with cushioning on them for comfort. The clergy is often seen about tending to those that arrive as well preparing the ritual of burning something at dawn each morning.  

Soleil's temple, much like Hilal's, is quieter than the other 4 Gods. Not because they are considered 'lesser' Gods but because they are still gaining a Clergy within Tranquil City. who knows if they have one any where else. The clergy looks quite over heated, which can't be a surprise since the House of Soleil is unbearably hot this day. Maybe Soleil is lingering about, maybe it is simply just one of those days. Either way, none of the Clergy of the Sun God is complaining or bothered, save for sweating and likely melting from the heat.

From the way, Jesse makes their reverent steps into the temple proper. It isn't unusual for this person to make their rounds in each of the temples; however, this is more to do with worship of multiple Gods and less about guard duties. It appears that today, it's time to pay respects to Soleil. The heat is first to hit Jesse, who huffs a strained little breath and wipes the back of their forehead, before nodding politely to a few clergy here and there and making way to one of the many cushioned benches. In those green eyes, a hint of pride takes forth though; after all, Jesse always drew similarities between the (comparatively pathetic) fiery power of their own, despite how wrong that would be. In that full uniform Jesse suffers onto a knee in prayer, holding the stance respectfully while they begin to silently request the Sun's ferocious temper when the guard needs it most to protect others.

When Jesse makes their prayed request the heat of Soleil's temple becomes even more intense, unbearable. Were it not for the fact the presence of a God can be felt, even if it is still mostly unfamiliar all the Gods have something similar that indicates they are a God. How it presents is different, though. Before Jesse's kneeling form a fire ring starts to burn and spiral up and when it disappears the Sixth God is standing in the place of the flames.The hand of the God lifts up to touch the elbow of Jesse and guide them to their feet. For the moemtn Soleil gives Jesse time to gather themselves.

At first, Jesse winced visibly at the growing heat, but to their credit, hands remained clasped and the prayer would continue, a testament to their pious determination. However, when the ring of fire starts to form and shed its more fervent heat, the Guardsperson's eyes snap open as if fearing an actual threat to the Temple is the source of the flames. When this doesn't turn out to be the case, a wide, awe-struck expression is made, mouth just about hanging open. There's a slight tense of the muscles surrounding the elbow when the touch alights upon it, but of course they would graciously accept the guide from the appearing Soleil and obediently rise to their feet. So gracious Jesse was given time, for they must take a moment to stare, not blankly, but with amazement, fear, and perhaps a bit of rueful thankfulness for helping to answer the question if they must remain kneeling in such a presence. Their lips move in trembling patterns as if struggling for the right words, so a firm nod is given to both bob the guard's fiery hair and summon some form of resolve in the growing heat that they suffer through. Jesse's voice is timid, despite their attempt to speak - itself a bold decision, but one attempting to be wrought from decisive respect. "It is difficult for me to bear the fire", they start to admit, "but tis worth it to be graced with your warmth."

A light laugh is given by the temperamental god at Jesse's reaction. After a moment of consideration the temperature of the House of God Soleil gradually lowers to match the common warmth one would find in a heated building. Though none of them express it a flash of relief can be seen on the faces of the Clergy. They have likely been working in the heat for a while. "Only the strong will bear what they find difficult." says Soleil to Jesse. Over to a bench Soleil moves to settle down, "You ask me for strength to protect others but you have no need of it. You are strong on your own." The Sixth God gives a glance to Jesse, "Though, we are all willing to give blessings to those who ask. I only expect you to be just." It has already become well known that Soleil is swift to give punishment to those they believe have wronged. Whatever it is that Soleil deems as 'wronged'.

There seems to be a similar wave of relief that washes over Jesse's countenance, perhaps in part relieved at the reduction of that temperature, but so too does the laughter help with this. They at first stay affixed to their position like a guard at a post while the Sixth God settles, like Jesse's troubled whether to follow or not. When Jesse's strength is complimented, a small inhalation of breath is taken and the guardsperson presses a hand to their chest, the words touching them, eyes flickering with gratefulness. This might also be the tipping point to where Jesse finally realizes how rude a standing posture is, and takes a seat upon the bench, but their attention never turns away from Soleil, enamored by the God's presence. "Thank You" Jesse manages to say only at first, the genuine kindness brought out. Then they admit candidly, "Sometimes, I fear I will not be ready when I need that strength the most. Tis then to Your name I wish that I can turn the warmth to wrath when its time has come and its purpose is true", in explanation of the reason for prayer to begin with, eyes beginning to well with some sense of personal doubt.

"As long as you are just, Jesse, your always going to be strong enough." A God knowing the same of someone without an introduction is no surprise. Even with the two lesser known Gods. A thoughtful look is given by Soleil before they take a hand of Jesse's and turn their palm to face upwards. A finger drags along the the inside of Jesse's wrist causing a searing pain to follow their finger trailing. If it weren't for Soleil's other hand holding the wrist and hand there is no mistaking the pain would have been worse. Soleil both eased and caused the pain. When their finger falls away their is a burn mark in the shape of a sun with an S at the center where their finger trailed. It heals instantly but the scar remains, with a faint yellow glow to it. It surely isn't surprising that the God who deals in punishment would cause pain with their blessing, "As long as you bear this mark, you'll always known when your wrath is just and true. You'll face unbelievable pain when you do not follow your personal feelings of what is just and true. What I think is just does not always have to align with what you think is. As long as you feel what you are doing is right, you will not be punished by the mark, no matter what you do."

Once the hand is taken and Jesse's eyes flick down to follow it, the muscles tense up on their own, even before the finger alights upon the wrist. The pain at first causes multiple reactions from the guard, first a yelp, next a sudden hissing of breath through clenched teeth followed by a muffled whimper that they do their best to conceal, to little success. Each of Jesse's fingers extend out and curl in reflexively to the pain, the flesh tightening all over the toned forearm. Similar to the mix of pain and relief that Soleil provides, Jesse's eyes reflect a mix of emotions; there's a pain that drives an instinct, yet also a sort of mesmerizing quality as if they just can't help watch this happen and submit to it (along with what easing is provided). After the work is done, Jesse gazes down upon the palm with wonder, green eyes coming up to take in the Sixth God's words of explanation. Both hands now are recalled to their chest, with the one cradling the guard's newly seared one close with the palm up. Jesse's eyes shimmer with a deeply found mist, but not of sadness, mainly of unexpected joy at the blessing Soleil decided to bestow. "Your words soothe me as much as Your powers do" the guardsperson breathes out, clearly trying to hold back an unseemly expression of joy and keep the response at least somewhat refined. Perhaps overwhelmed by this feeling, Jesse returns in kind, practically pouring their heart out, "I will never know Your life and its tribulations, if any, but I hope kindness so grand be upon You for the same You have shown to me." Not that a God needs such caring words in a practical sense, but Jesse's intention was of course to return the only thing they can offer of meaning right now: words.

There is a small hint of compassion in Soleil's eyes at Jesse's pain but they do not take it away beyond what they initially did. "Follow what is right, Jesse." A lift of the hand is given by the Sixth God and their hand rests upon the head of the Guard before they step away and disappear in a burst of flames.

The Guard's arms twitch a little as if they're holding back some sort of reaction to the Sixth God that would probably not be so refined of them, but thankfully they can control themselves just enough. The hand upon Jesse's head at least brings further consoling and their lips curl upwards into a pure smile, eyes closed even while the God disappears. When they open again, they're full of a renewed purpose, as if that doubt from before has been burned away.