Mia Lark

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Mistress Mia Lark
Faction : Commoner
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 5/20/1172 (Age: 50)
Gender : Female
Position : Other
Parent : Not named
Parent : Not named
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :

Mia is the youngest of three children and her two fathers were pretty unremarkable but very kind. They raised her and her siblings well, providing them with the best they could. Mia was very quick to show she was a very social creature so it came as no surprise that she decided she would become a Courtesan. She proved to be quite remarkable at it and she drew attention even when she was young. It is said that Mia is one of the first Courtesans of Atharia and one of the people offered to the Gods in hopes virgins would break the Curse put upon those of Atharia. It likely comes as no surprise that she became one of the most famous Courtesans in the world. She was on the track to becoming the Head Courtesan but she opted against it and instead retired to open an etiquette school where she would pass on the knowledge of how to behave in a social setting.

RP Hooks
  • Commoner: Mia is a Commoner.
  • Etiquette School: Mia owns Mia's Etiquette School and it is the place people go when they want to be some fo the best at Etiquette.
  • Former Courtesan: Mia is a retired Courtesan.
  • Seat Of The Gods: Mia was born in the seat of the Gods.
  • Teacher: Mia is an instructor of etiquette.
  • World Famous Courtesan: Mia is a world famous Courtesan who retired to open an etiquette school.

Despite being of an older age, with subtle signs indicating that, Mia could still pass for much younger than she is. Her curvy figure can still draw the eye and captivate people. Her curly, brunette hair has hints of white to it. The mahogany of her skin compliments the hazel of her eyes. For someone from the Seat of the Gods, Mia is on the taller side.

Mia's hair is typically pulled back into a tight bun and her face done up with make up that enhances her looks. Pearl and gold studs are pierced into her ears and around her neck and wrists is a pearl necklace and pearl bracelets. She wears a pale pink blouse coupled with a white skirt and grey stockings. On her feet are a pair of brown leather heels with straps that secure them to the ankles.


Mia is a weaver of dreams, if it could be called that. When someone sleeps she can touch her fingers to their temple and enter their dreams. When in those dreams she seems a natural part of the dream, taking on the look of something relevant to the dream. During her 'stay' in the dream she can alter the way it is. If someone is dreaming of the past of something that could affect their life in the waking world she can bury the memory in the dream or enhance it so it lingers long after waking. Along with this she can turn the dream into a nightmare or a utopia. When she weaves dreams for someone her sanity slowly depletes. The longer she is in the dream the more sanity she loses. After a few days her sanity 'returns', though, not always completely.


Mia is a calm, refined woman who rarely lets anything get under her skin. She can turn the charm on and off at the drop of a hat. There are very few social settings that Mia can't fit into, as expected from someone who was once a Courtesan. She is very strict when giving instructions to people. She is not cruel but she does not easily forgive mistakes.

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