Missiah Choisi

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Queen Missiah Choisi
Missiah Choisi.jpg
Faction : Choisi
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 10/16/1174 (Age: 47)
Gender : Female
Position : Queen
Mother : Unnamed
Father : Unnamed
Status : Married
Children : Yes
Portrayed By : N/A
Choisi Crest.png

See The Story.

RP Hooks

This woman has wavy black hair that falls to just passed her shoulders and long slender ear that peep out from it. She has a heart shaped face and slightly sharp features. Her eyes are a beautiful light purple hue and her skin is a tanned hue. She looks to be about 4'4 and she has a curvy figure with long legs.

She wears a button up, white shirt that has belled sleeves with a leather jacket over it. A black leather belt secures brown cotton pants tightly to her legs. On her feet are calf-high boots that have tops that fold down.


With a touch of her fingers to the water Missiah can create anything she wants from it, including making it rain. Though, what she creates always has the feel and element of water to it. A house created from water will still be water, though, it does create protection from the elements. Missiah must always have water on her person or she starts to go into a panic and feel like she is suffocating and she is, as the water seems to be tied to her life. She almost always has some part of her doused with water, usually an article of clothing, so that she is always touching something with water.


Missiah is a pretty whimsical woman who likes to travel the world, especially by water. She just goes along everything, letting the chips fall as they may. It is very rare for her to be upset with someone and also rare for her to take anyone's side, especially when it comes to her siblings. Missiah will generally support those around her quite equally. She rarely lingers in one place for long, as she is always interested in the next big adventure. Missiah might seem like she is not the greatest of leaders with her whimsical nature but she has the loyalty of those in her Kingdom for a reason.

  • Elena (Sibling): Elena is Missiah's older sister. She rules the Divinus Kingdom.
  • hyssop (Courtesan): Missiah was the one who got the Debut of the Head Courtesan. He wasn't one at the time. She still frequently hires his service, confident she is the exception to his rule of not taking on clients. If it wasn't her winning his Debt that has him accepting her it is the fact she is the founder of Choisi Kingdom and their Queen. She is fond of him.
  • Jaden (Sibling): Jaden is Missiah's second oldest brother. He rules the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Kalem (Sibling): Kalem is Missiah's oldest brother. He rules the Santua Kingdom.
  • kyrah (Daughter): Princess Kyrah is Missiah's daughter. She is fond of her child. As she is of all of them.
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