Nathan Santua

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Prince Nathan Santua
Faction : Santua
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 2/6/1186 (Age: 36)
Gender : Male
Position : Prince
Parent : King Kalem Santua
Parent : King Kennedy Santua
Status : Married
Children : Gordan, Starling, Daetria, Unnamed Child
Portrayed By :
Santua Crest.png

Nathan is the heir of King Kalem Santua. He has three siblings. Since the day he was born Nathan has been raised to take over the Santua Kingdom, a responsibility he doesn't take lightly. When a suitable spouse was found for him, that benefitted the Santuas, Nathan wed her and Swallow joined the Santua family. With her Nathan had 4 children, securing one of them, as they had a son, as his heir for when it was his time to retire as king once he got it from his father.

RP Hooks
  • Heir: Nathan is the heir to the Santua Kingdom.
  • Santua Family: Nathan is a member of the Santua Family.
  • Santua Kingdom: Nathan is part of the Santua Kingdom

Nathan is one of the tallest people from Santua, standing at a height of seven feet. His raven black hair is a stunning contrast to his emerald green skin and accents his grey-green eyes. He is well built, toned in all the right places and his face could be classified as handsome.

Nathan wears black button up top that has a few buttons left undone and the sleeves rolled up. On his lower half is a pair of black leather pants and black leather ankle-boots are on his feet. He has platinum jewelry set with black diamonds as accents to his outfit.


Nathan has the ability to foretell the future, to an extent. He doesn't know anything but when he activates the ability and concentrates he can see into the future. The harder he focuses, the more he can see. He can not see random things, he has to decide what it is he wants to know. This foresight slowly robs him of his senses, he can chose which one for each use of his magic but it takes some of the sense. So, if he chooses hearing for the sense to lose for his foretelling, he forever more doesn't hear as well.


Nathan is cold, serious and a little unsettling but still very charismatic. He doesn't like to let people get close to him and he rarely feels anything got people. He will socialize and do his part as a prince but, ultimately, he doesn't get attached to most people. He knows his duty and what he must do. Nathan probably fits the definition of bad boys that appeal.

  • Kalem (Parent): Nathan respects his father, especially for the decisions he made. Not everyone is willing to take the route considered sinister.
  • Starling (Child): Starling is one of Nathan's children. She became a Bishopess and she seems to hold a grudge about tradition not being broken for her so that she is named heir. Like mother, like child.
  • Swallow (Spouse): Nathan and Swallow were politically married. He is fond enough of her.
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