Noel Verral

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Matchmaker Noel Verral
Faction : Verral
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 11/14/1200 (Age: 22)
Gender : Other
Position : Matchmaker
Parent : Not Named
Parent : Not Named
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Verral Crest.png

Noel is the sibling of Camela Verral, the Baronet of the Divinus family. They, naturally, have more siblings. When they were a child they had a great deal of fun matching up their friends or toys to make them a 'couple'. This didn't go unnoticed by the other Verrals and it was suggested to Noel that becoming a Matchmaker could be good for them. Noel agreed and since they they were giving an education relating to it. They have been happily playing Matchmaker for families since officially becoming one.

RP Hooks
  • Commoner: Noel is a commoner.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Noel is from the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Matchmaker: Noel is a matchmaker.
  • Verral: Noel is a member of the Verral Family.

Though roughly average height Noel has a gangly look to them. It is charming in its own way but it makes them seem like they have limbs to long for them. Their taupe hued skin, silver eyes, and silver-blonde hair is paired with delicate features that make them quite beautiful.

They have no specific style of dress, preferring to dress to what is suitable for the type of people they are going to be around and the purpose of them being there.


Noel can figure out what people want with only a few words spoken when they activate their magic they know exactly what is wanted over the 'close' that they get just by reading someone. Noel uses this to help them find people their perfect match that is highly beneficially for their family. When Noel uses this ability their emotions shut down for a period of time after. How long they don't feel something is unpredictable.


Noel is a charming person who is always quick to smile. They are unfailingly polite and they are very mindful of addressing people properly. They are very attuned to the feelings of others and always willing to give a listening ear. When Noel, who is slow to boil, gets angry there is always hell to pay.

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