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Bishop Ossaya Olson
Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 2/15/1207 (Age: 19)
Gender : Other
Position : Bishop
Parent : Master Axel Olson (Adopted father), Mistress Faylen Olson (Birth mother, Deceased)
Parent : Master Ezra Olson (Adopted Father), Hilal
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Clergy Crest.png

Ossaya is one of several siblings and has two fathers. They started out as becoming a priest of Ossian, like their father Axel. It only made sense for Ossaya was named for Ossian and Mataya, their other father Ezra, a follower of Mataya, was the one who picked the name. Ossaya has been given the education of someone born a commoner and connected to the Clergy coupled with what they preferred to learn about. Ossaya, though an avid follower of the Gods, did not become part of the clergy instead they followed in Ezra's footsteps and became a perfumer. This was not meant to last as it became known that Axel and Ezra were taking care of Ossaya for a sibling that passed in childbirth, and they were trusted by her, Faylen Olson who was Axel's sister. She told them Ossaya was the Child of Hilal, but Ossaya must be hidden as the God's Child even if they were not awakened. Ossaya did not learn this until the night they were awoken by Hilal.

Hilal was not going to awaken their Child for quite some time yet, but circumstances changed that. Well, it should be said Hilal had admiration for their Child's actions. Ossaya, having learned a fair bit of fighting despite being a perfumer, was out in the world seeking out ingredients for perfumes intended for the spouses of the rulers of the kingdoms. The rulers had approached Ossaya and their father to make them, as Ezra was considered one of the best perfumers in all the lands. These perfumes would only have the finest of ingredients. While on their quest to find the necessary ingredients, Ossaya stumbled upon a small village that was constantly being attacked by bandits who were making it near impossible for them to survive. Ossaya could not abide by this, especially since they were witnessing the people being harassed and attacked. They drew their sword, typically used to fend off wild animals, and approached the bandits. They demanded they stop but the bandits laughed at them and decided to 'show' Ossaya their place. They turned on Ossaya who was far more skilled than one might expect of a person who looked like nothing more than someone who dilly dallied about. Ossaya took out the bandits but one managed to escape, shouting promises of returning with the leader of their group. The bandit made good on the shouted threat and returned with more bandits, including their leader. Ossaya was not certain on whether the threat was true or not but prepared anyways. The villagers, inspired by Ossaya's willingness to protect them decided to fight back as best they could. Ossaya did not leave the villagers to their own devices but fought along side the villagers fully. However, Ossaya was getting wounded, and they were slowly falling to the damage but had resolved to keep fighting to their last breath for these villagers they had set out to protect. Win or lose, Ossaya would give their all and they did. Just as they started to fall Hilal appeared. The God said nothing as they flicked their wrist and forced the bandits to yield. Soleil appeared not long after to send them to the jail of the village. At least those still alive, yammering the whole time to Hilal about, basically nothing. Soleil did not linger long after placing the bandits in their cells for this was Hilal's moment with their Child. Up Ossaya was lifted by the God and as Hilal did this Ossaya felt their wounds healing and a new power coursing through them. A couple villagers happened to have the orb necklace gifted by Mataya and it started to glow white, conforming that Ossaya was Hilal's Child. The only words Hilal spoke "Return to Tranquil City, Child, there you will find what you need." Then the God disappeared. Ossaya, newly awakened and healed, finished what they set out to do before making their way to Tranquil City.

It was in Tranquil City that Ossaya decided to join Hilal's clergy, feeling like that was the place they needed be. It was upon their return and questioning their fathers that Hilal learned that they were living with their uncles who raised Ossaya as their own and hid that Ossaya was a Child of Gods, as one did before recent times. Ossaya was not upset with their fathers. How could they be when they were doing what was right and protecting Ossaya the best they could? Ossaya did not take long to rise to a Bishop of Hilal's clergy, as they do have a father that is part of the clergy, and they are the Child of Hilal.

RP Hooks
  • Child Of Gods: Ossaya is a Child of Gods.
  • Hilal Clergy: Ossaya is a member of the clergy of Hilal.
  • Hilal's Child: Ossaya is Hilal's Child.
  • Seat Of The Gods: Ossaya was born in the Seat of the Gods.

This person stands at 5'8" and has a wiry build that gives them the appearance of being taller than they are. It is hard to tell whether they are male or female, especially with the simple shoulder length cut of their raven black hair. Their wavy hair often falls into their violet eyes and compliments their honey hued skin. They typically wear the white robes of Hilal's Clergy over a lose top and snug pants with black leather shoes. They do not usually wear jewelry.


Ossaya magic enhances them. When they use their magic an attribute of choice improves for a period (When making rolls related to the chosen attribute Ossaya gets a +1 to all rolls related. So, if Body is chosen all skills and specialties connected to the skills using body get to add +1 to their rolls. This lasts for 1 scene. They can also use RP bonuses that are just used for a scene.). Whatever Ossaya decides to improve they do better at it and have a better chance of succeeding. When they use this magic, they become paralyzed for at least 2 days once it wears off. The more attributes they enhance, the longer they are paralyzed.


Ossaya is a quiet, reserved person who always seeks to protect those that need it, even if it means it could cost them a great deal. They aren't necessarily 'kind' they just don't like seeing others bullied. They are hard to upset but they do hold grudgers for a very long time. They do have a good ear for listening to others when problems are brought to them and will often try and help solve them, should that be what is sought.

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