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Archbishop Ozymandias Luminat (formerly Tepes)
Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 2/15/1185 (Age: 37)
Gender : Male
Position : Archbishop of Mataya
Parent : Formerly Lord Leonidas Tepes (Adopted), now King Jaden Luminat (adopted) and the God Ossian (Birth)
Parent : Formerlly Lady Serah Tepes (Adopted), now Queen Marissa Luminat (adopted) and the God Mataya (Birth)
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : Luke Evans
Clergy Crest.png

Ozymandias was born to the martial Tepes family in the Choisi Kingdom. The youngest of four siblings, Ozymandias was the only one of his siblings to be more studious and the only one of them that desired a greater knowledge of the world they resided in. Of course, the Tepes family supplied a good deal of knights to the kingdom and hailed from a largely noble background, though not of the variety to be compared to the great families of the kingdom. In his youth, Ozymandias learned the ways of battle, though he used all of his free time to learn.

He read books, ancient texts that were available...and he took a particular interest in the God Mataya. Following their ways, Ozymandias decided to dedicate his life to their service and become one of their most loyal servants. Whether he would be used for good or ill is largely up for debate.

Giving up any chance of titles or glory in battle, Ozymandias joined the clergy of Mataya. He eventually rose to Bishop...then Archbishop. Now? Now Ozymandias guides wayward souls, teaches them the ways of the world, and serves as a steady friend and mentor to all who may have need of him.

In recent months, Ozymandias's life has been a whirlwind of revelations. The God that he served, Mataya, was discovered to be his birth mother, while her brother Ossian had been revealed to be his father. He has worked towards uncovering their wonders and proving himself worthy in their eyes. He has tasks to complete and perhaps he may rise to the challenge of ascension. But he has begun to move far more in the world.

RP Hooks
  • Archbishop: Ozymandias is the Archbishop of Mataya. He's noticeably younger than previous Archbishops, but he is a steadfast follower of the Second God. Many under the banner of Mataya and even those under more general polytheistic inclinations often come to Ozymandias for guidance, shelter, and a good ear. He performs his duties to the best of his abilities, and often rubs shoulders with the elite of society.
  • Mage: Ozymandias has been practicing and increasing his capability to wield his magic since the day he discovered it within him. He is skilled at using his magical ability and is available for assisting others in discovering how to use their magical talents.
  • Seat Of The Gods: Ozymandias lives at the Seat of the Gods. He is well known and treated with respect by many.
  • Luminat Prince: Ozymandias was adopted by King Jaden and Queen Marissa Luminat as their son. He is treated and honored as a prince of the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Wrath: Though Ozymandias prefers to avoid fighting and most often replies to conflict with Mataya's love, he was given to a martial family. He is usually always armed in some capacity, either with his magic or with his blades. Once the wrath of Ozymandias has been incurred, he will not hesitate to act and handle situations through violent means. Thankfully, his patience is long and his temper restrained.

Ozymandias Tepes is a tall man at 6 feet tall with shoulder-length dark hair and well-trimmed facial hair. His face is symmetrical, giving him what some could call a handsome complexion. Gifted with an expressive face, Ozymandias is just as quick to offer the warmest smile as he is to give the meanest scowl.

He is typically dressed in his fine robes as the Archbishop, heavy and all-covering except for his face and hands. Multiple sigils cover his person that depict his loyalties.


Ozymandias bears an innate talent for manipulating the weather. Typically this appears as sparks of electricity from him in a more direct sense (indoors) but he can shape the weather to his whims...or rather, try. He can make a storm appear overhead and cast lightning at those who earn his wrath. He can direct the breeze, cause rain to appear, or other natural phenomena. However, controlling the weather is extremely tiring over long term usage, draining Ozymandias's physical strength. Overussing this ability could put Ozymandias in a coma, or worse: kill him.


Ozymandias is the quiet type, a bit introverted, he rarely takes the time to be the center of attention at a party. However, when spoken to, he's friendly and charming, warm as the hearth. He takes his tasks extremely seriously and he is a focused individual. Others misunderstand his silence to be a sign of hostility or uncomfortability or disapproval, but rather he's simply someone who enjoys the value of being away from the crowd. He is slow to anger, patient, and sincere in his actions, his first priority being the well being of those around him. He's a kind man at his heart.

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