Petrel Amarant

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Debutante Petrel Amarant
Petrel Amarant.jpg
Faction : Courtesan
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 7/2/1204 (Age: 18)
Gender : Male
Position : Debutante
Parent : Count Raven Amarant
Parent : Raven's Consort
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : Leo Mangieri (Young)
Courtesan Crest.png

Petrel Amarant was a quiet and serious child from early on. Intelligent, empathic, and sensitive to the emotions of others, he often found himself spending more time observing others than actively participating. In a family of spies, this proved particularly useful, since he had a way of knowing the right things to say and do in order to appeal to the emotions of those around him.

His gift of Dreamweaving could also prove very useful in learning the secrets of those with whom he might dream. The family made use of this gift so often when he was younger that he spent much of his time exhausted and unwell, leading to a sickly childhood and a number of accidents. Finally, one of his relatives decided that it might serve him better to use his abilities to serve the Gods and to become a Courtesan than to continue to be used by those who would burn him out until there was nothing left.

RP Hooks
  • Amaranth: Formerly of Amarant, he is still in contact with his family even if he is no longer a member of the nobility.
  • Debutante: Petrel is a Debutante, having not yet had his debut.
  • Dreamweaver: He most often uses his magic to help those with nightmares and other troubling dreams to overcome them and grant them some peace and rest.

Petrel Amarant has black hair and striking blue eyes in a face that is fair of features. His skin is very fair with a faint blue cast to it that identifies him as Santuan to anyone who might look on him. He appears to be in his late teens with a lean physique. His clothing tends toward the black and silver, from his boots and breeches to the loose linen shirt covered over with a brocade vest. Silver rings can be found on his fingers, some with small stones in different colors depending on the day.


Petrel is a Dreamweaver. He can weave the stuff of dreams and change them by will alone. If he sleeps in contact with another (the touch of a hand will do) while they dream, he can experience a lucid dream with them and alter the course of those dreams. The participant must be willing, otherwise Petrel must make a +roll Petrel=Magic-2 vs Target=Defense+1 to enter and control the dream (Petrel is at a disadvantage without explicit consent, PC or otherwise). Doing so means that Petrel does not get any true rest from the sleep that night. Doing so frequently can cause him to collapse from exhaustion.


Petrel Amarant is a quiet, serious sort, often lost in thought to the point of being considered brooding. But then, he often takes on the nightmares of others and doing so can take a lot out of one, psychologically. He's a good listener, preferring to observe than to speak most of the time, unless he feels that he has something worth contributing. He is soft-spoken, with a love of the arts and reading.

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