Plot: Children of Gods

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The people of Atharia are seeking the 'Children of Gods', citizens of Atharia who have a parent that is a God. Until recently they were hidden away for their protection. The people were given a necklace that glows brightly when an awakened Child of Gods is found. We absolutely welcome anyone who wants to play a Child of Gods. Unless we suddenly blow up big you can have 1 character be one. I'm also open to the possibility of claiming an NPC, as long as you understand they have been puppetted in scenes. More information can be found here.


Started on September 14, 2021, currently running.

Involved Characters

Taya Divinus, Ozymandias Luminat, Valeria Santua, Kamala Divinus, Liam Santua, Tai Farreach, Lilah Willowbrooke, Nathan Santua, Hyssop Mithal, Ermine Wilks, Amahle Sunflower, Andred Divinus, Hilda, Ren Choisi, Larthin, Attia, Ossian, Mataya, Aspen Woodrow, Rajani Luminat, and Kalem Santua

OOc: If anyone was missed, PC or NPC, let Staff know.