Plot: The Hidden God

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Rumors have started circulating around the world of Atharia, speaking of a 'Missing God'. Some have even claimed to have heard the voice of this God and others claim to have seen it. It is not consistent on how this God came to light but it is clear that there is a Seventh God.

From +bbread 13/7 in game: Through out all of Atharia people have started whispering about a Missing God. Some claim that a 'mortal form' of the God mentioned about the Missing God, some say the Gods mentioned the Missing God in response to their prayers about some matters. Others say they have run into people who know the God. Basically, there is never a consistent story to how the Missing God came up but one thing is clear, there is a Missing God. As of yet, finding this God was not assigned to the Children of Gods as their task. It, so far, doesn't seem like it will be. Though, because the Missing God has come up, it is clear the Gods want the Seventh God found. As per usual for the meddlesome Gods it is not clear to why the God is not just brought into the pantheon of Gods. The best bet is that Larthin decided it would be entertaining to him to make mortals find the Missing God. Not that the Gods are ever clear cut about the whys they ask mortals to do something they could easily solve themselves.


Started on RL April 11, 2022, completed on RL Tue Feb 21 2023.

Involved Characters

Ozymandias Luminat, Kelvin Clarion, Drew Whitewater, and Masquerade