Raven Amarant

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Count Raven Amarant
Faction : Amarant
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 10/9/1156 (Age: 65)
Gender : Male
Position : Count
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Married
Children : Shrike, Hawke, Swallow, Petrel, unnamed children
Portrayed By :
Amarant Crest.png

Raven is of the Amarant family and hails from the Santua kingdom. He has had a harsh upbringing with an education focused on persuasion, tactics, spycraft, and fighting. Raven crew up as the oldest of at least three siblings. His parents are healthy and alive, but he never speaks to or of them. He is the first Count of House Amarant, granted the title for services rendered to the king.

RP Hooks
  • Amarant: He is the ruler, patriarch, and titleholder of Amarant. He is the end all and be all of Amarant. At least as far as he and the outside populous are concerned.
  • Count: He is the first Count of the Amarant County, granted the title by King Kalem Santua for services rendered. What services is a tightly held secret that is, perhaps, better left kept that way.
  • Santua: He is one! And he loyally serves the king.
  • Spymaster: It's no secret that Count Raven Amarant is the spymaster and perhaps assassin of the Santua kingdom.

This man is slender and stands tall at 6'6". As is typical for those of the kingdom Santua, he has a more colorful hue of skin, in his case light turquoise. His raven hair is long, with two braids at the temples pulled back, it contrasts to his green eyes.

He is clad in a olive green shirt with elaborate embroidery and black breeches. Below, matching fine leather boots cover his feet.


Count Raven has an affinity for shapeshifter magic. He is able to change his shape to any type of bird, however, these birds are both slightly larger than their natural counter parts and are always black even if they would not be in nature. For several days after he shapeshifts he loses almost all pigment to his skin and hair; leaving him looking more wraithlike than a Luminat.


Count Raven Amarant is a reserved, laconic man. He would say that he is simply economical in his speech, but the truth is that he simply prefers not to speak with a look or a gesture would get the point across. Many find him unnerving for this silence. They call him sinister and conniving because he rarely shares his thoughts or feelings outside of a very, very small circle.

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