Ren Choisi

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Lord Ren Whitewater
Faction : Whitewater
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 9/18/1199 (Age: 23)
Gender : Male
Position : Lord
Parent : Baron Silvester Whitewater (Deceased)
Parent : Baroness Eloise Whitewater (Deceased)
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Whitewater Crest.png

<background info -- stuff that is publicly known>

RP Hooks
  • Choisi Kingdom: Ren is part of the Choisi Kingdom.
  • Noble: Ren is considered a noble.
  • Secrets: Ren has secrets he keeps. Some people might just want to know.
  • Whitewater Family: Ren is part of the notorious Waterwater family.

This man is slim and stands tall at 5'5". As is typical for those of the kingdom Choisi, he has long slender and slightly pointed ears. His raven black hair is ear length, it contrasts to his grey-blue eyes.

He is clad in a cyan turtleneck and sea blue trousers. Below, matching dress shoes cover his feet.


Ren is a shapeshifter. He can change to pretty much any animal but he typically prefers something small and easy to miss or something people think are so very cute such as baby animals, mainly domesticated ones. How else is he going to optimize listening in on people without realizing who he is. Ren can not shift out of his animal forms for several days once he shifts, nor can he communicate with anyone on a 'human' level. If he doesn't tell or show someone what he is going to be, it is likely people will assume he is missing.


Ren is not a kind man but he does have a way about him that makes him hard to resist and it hard to chastise him for any horrible actions he does. He might be a cruel man but he is charming and can often get someone to do what he wants by a variety of means. He's a man that seeks out what he wants and does his best to assure people do what he wants..

  • Drew (Sibling): Drew is Ren's sibling who became an Acolyte of Mataya.
  • Jessica (Sister): Jessica is Ren's sister and she is involved with the family ways.
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