Rosalia Luminat

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Princess Rosalia Luminat
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Faction : Luminat
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 10/09/1190 (Age: 32)
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : King Jaden Luminat (NPC)
Parent : Queen Marissa Luminat (NPC)
Status : Married
Children : Several
Portrayed By :
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Rosalia is one of the several children born to King Jaden Luminat. She is his Heir and was raised to be just that. Her education was fit for a princess and based around what interested her and what she needed to know as the Heir and a Princess of Luminat Kingdom. Not too long after she was an adult she was married to Armani and with them Rosalia had a few children. Their marriage is, as expected, a political match. They have been together all this time.

RP Hooks
  • Heir Of Luminat Kingdom: Rosalia is, currently, the heir to the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Luminat Family: Rosalia is a Princess of the Luminat Family.
  • Luminat Kingdom: Rosalia is a member of the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Royalty: Rosalia is considered royalty.

This woman is quite voluptuous and is eye-catchingly beautiful. Her figure is enhanced by her height of 5'10, making her on the taller side for a Luminat. She has straight, silver hair that is cut to frame her face as it falls to mid-back. Her rosy skin brings out the deep purple of her eyes. Like all Luminaties everything about her seems paler, almost ghostly, without taking from her looks.

Her hair has been left to flow freely with little red flowers woven into some of the strands. Black diamond stud earrings pierce her ears and around her neck is a silver necklace with a droplet black diamond pendant. Her face has just hints of makeup to make her features pop. She wears a silk snow-white tunic over a pair of black leather leggings. The sleeves of the tunic are belled and the hem of the tunic comes to mid-thigh. Subtle patterns from silver thread are embroidered into the tunic. The leggings cling tightly to her legs, accenting the curves of them and tuck into a pair of mid-calf high, white leather boots that lace up and have a bit of a heel.


Rosalia has the ability to accelerate the growth of plants. It doesn't matter what kind, if it can be planted she can grow it. While she can grow anything it takes quite the toll on Rosalia. When she ages a plant each day she accelerates it causes her to get a headache. So, if she ages a sapling to a fully grown tree she will have such an intense headache it can make her ill and put her out of commission for a few days. It doesn't matter how old a plant is, she can age it, this does mean she can age things too far if she is not careful and cause it to wither away due to being aged to the end of its life.


Rosalia has a big personality. She can be loud and the life of a party. It is impossible to miss Rosalia's arrival for she greets and calls out to anyone she comes across that catches her eye. She might be a boisterous way of living life but this doesn't mean she doesn't know when she needs to be 'quiet' and 'subdued'. She was, after all, raised a princess, the one to inherit the Luminat Kingdom after all. As a note about her, as joyous and loud as she typically is, her temper can be just as loud. She's slow to boil but when she goes off, boy does she let it be known she is angry.

  • Armani (Spouse): Armani is Rosalia's Spouse.
  • Jaden (Parent): Jaden is Rosalia's father. She is quite fond of him and respects his decisions.
  • Marissa Luminat (Parent): Marissa is Rosalia's mother. Rosalia respects her greatly for she holds herself with dignified grace, quite the opposite of Rosalia. Rosalia loves her to no ends.
  • Ozymandias (Adopted Brother): Archbishop Ozymandias is a Child of Gods, specifically Mataya and Osssian's, that Jaden adopted as her brother. Jaden spoke with her about him potentially becoming Heir, should he want to and she agreed to it. He was respectful of the fact he named her Heir and let her decide if the offer should be on the table. Since the offer was extended, it means she agreed to the possibility. She isn't certain, though, if she wants to hand over her place as Heir or not. She is still considering it. She, though, doesn't object to the offer being out there.
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