Safira Cliffshield

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Lady Safira Cliffshield
Faction : Cliffshield
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 11/4/1203 (Age: 18)
Gender : Female
Position : Lady
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <Parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
Cliffshield Crest.png

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RP Hooks

Safira is lithely toned in the manner of a dancer -- every step she takes is graceful in motion, assuredly confident, and suggestive of a hidden strength that lies beneath her feminine form. The glow of the Divinus can be seen in the pearlescent highlights of a complexion that at times seems anemically pale, and within the contrasting liquid darkness of a almond-shaped black gaze. Her raven hair falls to her shoulderblades, sleekly framing a youthfully pretty face that's given to cool or distracted expressions.


Saffira has an affinity for shadow magic, which she can use to manifest eight incorporeal tendrils of dark energy that extend from her spine. She can manipulate these tendrils to attack sapient beings at melee or short-range. The attack does not inflict physical wounds, but drains the opponent's vitality in a way that makes them less effective in combat. However, Safira suffers moderate nausea for eight hours after using her magic. In addition, she can persistently feel the magic wriggling beneath her skin like a disease, resulting in a tactile sensitivity that makes her averse to being touched by other people.


No-nonsense and a little bit unapproachable describes Safira quite well. She avoids getting close to others if she can help it -- there's something about physical and emotional proximity that puts her on edge. Almost entirely occupied by her efforts to tame and control her magic, she trains both body and mind to the exclusion of more light-hearted pursuits. She's not without a sense of humor, though it's usually of the gallows or sardonic variety.

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