Shrike Amarant

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Lord Shrike Amarant
Faction : Amarant
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 12/4/1200 (Age: 21)
Gender : Nonbinary
Position : Lord
Parent : Raven Amarant
Parent : Myron Amarant
Status : Unmarried
Children : None
Portrayed By : Siobhan Atwell
Amarant Crest.png

The Spare to the Heir of the County of Amarant. Sarcastic, caustic, always tired, hungry, and irritable. Rumors are that they do the dirty work for their family.

RP Hooks
  • Amarant: A child of Raven Amarant.
  • County: They are the Spare to the Heir of the Amarant County. If anything should happen to their old brother than they would be likely to inherit the county. Ew.
  • Ravenous: They are. always. hungry.
  • Santua: They are from Santua.
  • Sarcasm: It's a service.

Rather petite for a member of the Santua kingdom. Shrike stands around 6-foot-1, with a waterfall of black hair with a blue shimmer to it. Their face leans toward the feminine side of androgyny; high cheek bones sharp enough to cut glass, a straight slender now, full lips, a slightly pointed chin with a rounded-square jaw. Shrike's eyes are bottomless pools of inky black. Their figure is slender and almost delicate.


Shrike has an affinity for shapeshifter magic. They are able to use it to transform themselves into a small black bird with white on their primaries and long black tail feathers, and a viciously sharp beak. After they return to their human form they are ravenously hungry, eating until they vomit, and still not feel full for several days.


Shrike can be summed up in a handful of descriptors: Acerbic and caustic, ravenous and gluttonous, overworked and irritable. More than one person has felt the sting of their sharp lashed tongue. Especially when they come between Shrike and food. A carnivorous meat loving monster is Shrike. They constantly be up to something just a tad sinister for their fathers. Their brother Hawke might be the heir but it is Shrike who is constantly working for their fathers and as such they tend to be just a touch overtaxed. It makes them irritable, to say the least. They can be charming when they want to be, but more often their lips drip with sarcasm and spite.

  • Petrel (Sibling): Petrel is a half-sibling of Shrike. He might have left the family as far as society is concerned, but Shrike won't turn their back on them.
  • Swallow (Sibling): Princess Swallow Santua is Shrike's older sister. To the public they have a respectful, differential relationship. But there are whispers of tension and a touch of resentment from the Princess since Hawke and Shrike would be more likely to inherit the County than she would have.
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