Skyler Harrison

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Commodore Skyler Harrison
Faction : Navy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 11/15/1165 (Age: 56)
Gender : Other
Position : Commodore
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Widowed
Children : Emory
Portrayed By :
Military Crest.png

Skyler was raised in an orphanage where they learned to follow the rules and such as it turned out badly for those who didn't. Besides, Skyler realized early long order and regulations is what kept them sane. When they became an adult they joined the navy, the orderliness of the military very much appealing to their. They quickly rose through the ranks, as they was in their element. At some point Skyler got married to Ashley Harrison but she died in childbirth having their first and only child: Emory. Skyler has never remarried and spent their time raising their child and focusing on their career.

RP Hooks

Dark brown hair that cascades to just passed the shoulders of this person. They look to be somewhere close to six feet but not quite. Their fair skin causes their cobalt-blue eyes to stand out. They are quite muscular, though, in a way that one can quite tell if they are male or female.

Their hair is pulled back into a high bun. They wear a blue military jacket over a red button up shirt. They have blue military pant held up by a black belt and black leather boots on their feet.


Skyler expects obedience of the rules and following proper protocol and their magical abilities reflects that. When Skyler uses they ability they can cause someone to follow a command (with Skyler it is usually obeying rules and the likes) given by them. However, when Skyler uses this they start forgetting that people are humans not something that needs to be trained. So, she often end up treating a person like they are an animal or an inanimate object after using their power. This requires a contested roll of: +roll skyler=magic+presence-2 vs <target>=magic+composure+1 (Yes, Skyler is at a disadvantage).


Skyler is a no-nonsense type of person who strictly follows the rules and protocols. They doesn't like disorderliness, as it agitates and annoys them. They does not easily yield to other people but very much expects people to follow their orders. They might be strict but they are a relatively kind person to those they like and those who are also of the orderly and protocoling following nature.

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