Sultana Divinus

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Princess Sultana Divinus
Faction : Divinus
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 9/5/1195 (Age: 27)
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : Queen Elena Divinus
Parent : King Arthur Divinus
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By
Divinus Crest.png

Sultana is one of Queen Elena Divinus' children. She is not the heir, Taya has that locked down. Sultana was given the best education in the things that struck her interest along with being taught what she needed to know as a Princess of Divinus. She is a little resentful of the fact she was not chosen as the heir but she is happy to devote herself to the things that interest her.

RP Hooks
  • Divinus Family: Sultana is a member of the Divinus family.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Sultana is from the Divinus Kingdom.

For a woman born of the Divinus Kingdom Santana is on the taller side. She might be taller but her curvy figure does is not diminished. She has what would typically be called 'classic beauty'. The amber of her eyes and the dark brown of her hair stand out against her fair skin.

Sultana wears a floor-length, full skirted down that is done in hues of brown and gray. It accents her curves perfectly and has a necklace, earrings, and bracelets to compliment it. On her feet are a pair of dark brown shoes.


Sultana has the ability to heal those that are hurt, unless it is destined to kill them she can heal any wound a person has. It takes a touch of her hand to the person that has been hurt but she heals them, no matter the wound, in less than a minute. The painful downside of this is that she takes on the pain she heals. IT may not manifest physically on her but she can feel the pain the person was feeling ten times as bad. It is not the most pleasant of things.


Sultana is a generally kind person but she is quick to resent people that get something she wanted. It is not massive amounts of resentment but it is there. She can't turn away someone who is in need and there is something she can do to help them, it hurts her to not help solve the problems of others. Sometimes her problem solving has her very much meddling in lives of people when she very much shouldn't be.

  • Elena (Parent): Elena is Sultana's mother and the Queen of Divinus. Sultana is fond of her mother but a little resentful that she chose Taya as her heir instead of Sultana.
  • Taya (Sibling): Taya is Sultana's sister. She is fond of her and always tempted to prove she can do everything she can.
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