Tai Farreach

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Lord Tairyn Farreach
Faction : Farreach
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 9/24/1195 (Age: 27)
Gender : Male
Position : Lord
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
Farreach Crest.png

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RP Hooks

This man is lithe and stands tall at 5'11". As is typical for those of the kingdom Luminat, he has a pale complexion and an almost ghostly air about him. His New-Moon Black hair flows easily beyond the boundary his shoulders in contrast to his Iridescent Blue gaze. He is clad in a loose, starkly white garb that flows from open robes in to pants. Black fabric mingles with the white in contrast as the secondary color along the upper arms, draped across his mid section, and along his soft, elegant boots. Silvered roses, emblematic of his Luminat heritage, as well as other accents finish off the appearance of the regalia upon the outfit.


Though magic has yet to be named, Tai considers his to be best described as the Equilibrium of Duality. He can wield both the Light and the Darkness in order to manifest temporary creative and destructive potentials. However, the limitations on this power are directly associated with the prominence of the current state of the moon upon the area that the magic is utilized in regardless of all obstruction except for obscuring cloud cover. Partial Moon transitions are innately balanced in potential. Full Moon and New Moon have the dominant aspects of Light and Dark respectively.

Just as there are dual magical expressions, there are also dual draw backs outside of the limitations themselves. To draw upon the weaker influence, Tai must take on a reflection this choice as a toll on his mind, body, and spirit, diminishing them all in order to conjure power from the lesser aspect. Even when drawing upon the dominant aspect, however, the amount of magic manifested draws from his tangible essence and he becomes less able to interact with the world, even if it can still interact with him. In a way, he becomes, "ungrounded" as he draws power from the celestial satellite.


Just as the moon waxes and wanes and the tides ebb and flow, Tai can be lethargic and enervated or vibrant and overwhelmingly intense. He prefers to find a balance in reserved calm when it can be helped, but influences beyond his control seem to tug at his demeanor despite his own desires. It brings a shame to him to be to tumultuous in his manner, but he also see's it as a personal challenge to master himself in this life and those that follow.

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