Taya Divinus

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Princess Taya Divinus
Faction : Divinus
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 9/6/1190 (Age: 32)
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : Queen Elena Divinus
Parent : King Arthur Divinus (deceased)
Status : married
Children : two
Portrayed By : Katie McGrath
Divinus Crest.png

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RP Hooks

Though somewhat average in height and slight in build, this woman is possessed of a confidence to her carriage that makes her seem a little larger than life. As typical for those of the kingdom Divinus, her skin has a certain glow to it, and her fine features are luminous and lovely. Black hair is partially pinned up before falling in a cascade of untamed curls that falls down her shoulders and upper back, contrasting her striking blue eyes, lined with thick black lashes.

She is clad in a gown of royal purple samite. It has semi-translucent skirts, turquoise embroidered sleeves and is of covering fashion.


Taya has an affinity to divination magic and can make use of it to have prophetic visions of the future. When she uses the magic it will afterwards cause a state of emotional detachment and isolation that increases with each use.


Charismatic and charming, with a strong presence to her that makes her seem to fill up more space than she actually does, Taya has a vibrant personality, passionate and bold. Yet despite her fiery temperament, she can be thoughtful, curious, and calculating, for she is possessed of an inquisitive mind.

  • Elena (Parent): The Queen of Divinus is Taya's mother, and Taya is perhaps a little overprotective of her, especially since losing her father. Still, Taya has been chosen as Elena's heir, and she feels intense pressure to live up to her mother's expectations for her, even if perhaps she's generated some of those expectations in her own mind.
  • Sultana (Sibling): Taya's younger sister has always been one of her best friends, and there is much shared affection between the sisters, even if Taya gets annoyed when she feels that Sultana does something in an effort to one-up her.
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