Tayasiah Choisi

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Princess Tayasiah Choisi
Faction : Choisi
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 4/1/1204 (Age: 18)
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : Queen Missiah Choisi
Parent : Queen Ferah Choisi
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Choisi Crest.png

Tayasiah is of the Choisi family and hails from the Choisi kingdom. She has had a typical upbringing and an education focusing on courtly etiquette. Tayasiah grew up as the youngest of 4 siblings, and has 1 older brother, and 2 older sisters, one being her twin. Tayasiah's parents are still healthy and alive. She is a Princess of House Choisi.

RP Hooks
  • Magic: Tayasiah has the ability to sense the emotions of others.
  • Outgoing: Tayasiah is very outgoing, and overly friendly to almost everyone that she meets. In her mind, every stranger is just a friend she hasn't made yet.
  • Princess: She is the daughter of Queen Missiah, and Queen Ferah Choisi. Her siblings include Prince Caelan, Princess Kyrah and her twin, Anjika.
  • Trouble Maker: One thing she loves more then anything else is finding trouble; usually with her twin Anjika.

A mischievous princess. That's what one usually sees when they set eyes on this young woman. The impish twinkle that is usually present in her brown eyes and the playful smirks and smiles pretty much give it away. She stands at about 5'1, small as to be expected from a Choisi. Her hair is long, a rich coffee brown, and falls in wavy curls down her back. Her face is square, with high, prominent cheekbones. She has a straight nose and full lips. Her neck is long and slender. She's small and curvy, with an hourglass figure.

She is currently wearing a long-sleeved, raw silk dress the color of gold and embroidered with flowers and leaves. The bodice is round and pleated. The bell-like skirt falls to just below her ankles, allowing her matching shoes to peek out.

Around her neck, she wears a gold and ruby necklace. She also wears a blue star sapphire ring on the middle finger of her right hand. Atop her head, she wears a small golden circlet, encrusted with various precious stones.


Tayasiah can sense the emotions of others, the stronger the emotions are the more she senses them. If she focuses on the emotions she is picking up she can intensify that emotion more and more. So, if someone feels a small bit of happiness she can gradually increase that emotion to be more and more happy. The more she intensifies the emotion, the more out of control her own gets. If, while making someone happy, she has a spark of sadness in her own emotions that spark becomes stronger along side the emotion she is enhancing. The happier she makes someone, the sadder she would become. It doesn't matter which emotion she has nor what the emotion the person she is enhancing feels, she can use her magic on the emotion (OOC consent must always be obtained for this and an ask if they would like a contested roll)


Adventerous, outgoing, mommy's girl, troublemaker, smartass, her guards bane

  • Anjika (Twin): Anjika is her older twin sister, and partner in crime.
  • Caelan (Brother): Caelan is her older brother.
  • Kyrah (Sister): Kyrah is her older sister.
  • Missiah (Mother): Queen. Missiah is Tayasiah's mother
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