Therese Hardwood

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Mistress Therese Hardwood
Faction : Hardwood
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 2/7/1178 (Age: 44)
Gender : Female
Position : Writer
Parent : Not Named
Parent : Not Named
Status : Married
Children : 3
Portrayed By :
Hardwood Crest.png

Therese is an only child who was raised with a proper education for a commoner, with a focus on writing. She had to struggle very little in her life and was quite spoiled by her parents. Not long after she became an adult Therese married Dorian Hardwood and had 3 children with him. Between raising her children and supporting her husband as he became a Knight for the Santuas Therese became a famous writer. She may not be world famous (yet) but throughout Santua Kingdom her name is spoken on the lips of people who know of writers.

RP Hooks
  • Commoner: Therese is a commoner.
  • Hardwood Family: Therese is a member of the Hardwood family.
  • Santua Famous: Therese is a famous writer in the Santua Kingdom. She hopes to one day be world famous.
  • Santua Kingdom: Therese is a member of the Santua Kingdom.

Therese is on the taller side, even for someone from Santua, and has a beautiful hour-glass figure that tempts. Her curves stand out in just the right places. Her turquoise, long, and straight hair compliments her cyan hair and makes her cobalt-blue eyes pop out.

Therese has her hair pulled back into a simple ponytail and her face is done up with make up that compliments her features. She wears a white button up shirt that is designed to fit large on her, creating the 'boyfriend shirt' look. It is coupled with a wide black belt and a pair of black leggings. On her feet are a pair of black heels.


Although Therese's magic is likely not considered useful by many for her desire to be a famous writer it is a benefit. When she activates her magic she can enchant a book or anything she has written on to be utterly captivating, no matter how badly it is written. When someone starts to read her enchanted books they can't help but want to keep reading, bordering dangerously on the point they forget everything they are doing to read it. Using this ability causes Therese to fall sleep for a duration once she has finished. The duration depends on how long what she has written is. If it is a handful of sentences it could be only a couple minutes. If it is the length of a novel it could be several days.


Therese is a serious person who is quite knowledgeable. She doesn't easily sway from something once she has made a decision. In her opinion people who can't make a decision, or change their mind, are people who give her a headache. This decisiveness can make her seem arrogant or cold towards people and perhaps she i. Though, she does hold her family dear.

  • Dorian (Spouse): Dorian is Therese's spouse and she loves him. She supports him and he supports her.
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